A marvellous escape from an airship crash

Broad Street Church kept in contact with all its men who had joined up.

News has now been received from Air-Mechanic Fred W. Warman to the effect that he is interned at Croningen in Holland. He was acting as wireless-operator in the air-ship which came down there, and had a marvellous escape. We are glad to know that he writes in a bright and cheerful strain, and that he is trying to make the best of things.

Flight Sub-Lieut W. R. Taper of the RNAS has been appointed for duty in Malta. It has been a pleasure to see him frequently in our midst in recent weeks. The good wishes of many friends at Broad Street will go with him as he takes up his new duties.


Brother Woolley has consented to continue his good services by acting as correspondent with our members on service. This [is] a quiet piece of work which is bound to have its good results when things are normal again.


The list of our men who have responded to the call of God and King and Country.


Anger, Sapper J. P. Royal Engineers
Bacon, Private D. A. 9th Leicestershire Regiment
Baker, 1st A/M W. D. Royal Flying Corps
Barkus, Private W. T. MGC
Beer, 2nd Lieut. F. H. RFC
Beer, 2nd Lieut W. RFC
Bird, Sapper W. F. LWDR Engineers
Brain, W. Russell Friends’ Ambulance Unit
Brough, Private T. Seaforth Highlanders (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Brown, Private E.F. RMLI
Brown, Private F. G. ASC (MT)
Bull, L/Corporal F. G. Agriculture Depot
Bunce, Private C. ASC (MT)
Butt, Farrier A. ASC
Cane, Private Norman Royal Berkshire Regiment
Cash, Private W. A. Home Service Employ Company
Chandler, Private H. T. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Coombes, Trooper A. E. Berkshire Yeomanry
Cooper, Gunner C. H. Tank Corps
Crossman, Private H. M. ASC (MT)
Day, Private W. H. 172nd Labour Company
Deane, Writer Albert Royal Navy
Deane, A. C. Royal Navy
Dracup, Sergeant Instructor E. C. Army Signal School
Durant, Private E. W. Army Ordnance Corps
Dyer, Private A. W. Military Police
Fereday, Private H. S. Rhodesian Regiment
Fletcher, Driver A. E. Motor Transport
Francis, O. S. Arthur Royal Navy
Francis, Private E. Layton London Scottish
Francis, Lieut. L. H. ASC (MT)
Francis, Lieut O. S., MC Royal Berkshire Regiment
Goodhall, L/Corporal H. S. MGC
Goodhall, A. Berkshire Red Cross
Green, Gunner T. A. RGA
Hampton, Private G. S. Artists Rifles OTC
Hancock, Private N. East Surrey Regiment
Harper, L/Corporal W. F. RAMC
Hart, Lieut. W. D. Royal Marine Artillery
Hathaway Private George Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Hawkins, Private A. E. AOC
Hilliard, Private A. R. RAMC
Hilliard, Private H. S. RMLI
Hilliard, Private W. A. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Hunt, Private H. F. ASC
Hunt, Private J. Henry Royal Berkshire Regiment (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Jeffery, Private G. E. Labour Battalion
Jones, Off. Std. W. F. Royal Navy
Keene, Private G. H. Herts Regiment (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Lambden, Private F. ASC (MT)
Langford, Artificer Cyril Royal Navy
Lewis, Trooper G. P. Berkshire Yeomanry (Missing)
Mace, Private V. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Maggs, 2nd Lieut. George Royal Berkshire Regiment (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Malley, Sapper L. H. Royal Engineers
Middlemost, Sergeant A. South African Contingent (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Millard, L/Corporal A. Berkshire Yeomanry
Moore, 2nd A/M Brian R. RFC
Newbery, L/Corporal L. H. Royal Engineers
Nott, Private E. F. 6th Border Regiment
Nott, Private H. Staffordshires
Osborne, OS Percy C. Royal Navy
Owen, Rhys Berkshire Red Cross
Panting, Private A. W. [blank]
Papps, L/Corporal A. C. Royal Berkshire Regiment (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Parnell, H. Royal Navy
Pidgeon, M. W. RNAS
Piper, Private H. J. Royal Warwickshires
Pitts, Sapper J. H. Signal Corps RE
Plumridge, Private W. A. RDC
Pocock, 2nd Lieut. L. Indian Army RO
Ponter, Gunner L. RFA
Pyke, Gunner W. H. RFA
Quelch, Private C. MGC
Rice, Private F. NS Yeomanry
Rogers, Private Eric Cameron Highlanders
Rogers, 2md AM John RFC
Sanders, Trooper R. Berkshire Yeomanry
Shearwood, Private George New Zealanders (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Shorter, Private N. S. ASC (MT)
Smith, Cadet Eric S. Cadet Corps
Smith, Captain L. Victor, MC Tank Corps
Smith, Private R. QM Stores
Snell, Private F. W. Sherwood Foresters
Stebbings, Private C. S. Royal Engineers
Tapper, Flight Sub-Lieut. W. R. RNAS
Taylor, Private H. H. NS Yeomanry
Thomas, Off. Std. A. Royal Navy
Thompson, Bert RNAS
Tipping, Private H. Royal Berkshire Regiment (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Walker, Bomb. A. E. Anti-Aircraft Depot
Walker, Gunner A. G. RGA
Ward, L/Corporal F. Royal Sussex Regiment (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Warman, 2nd A/M F. W. RNAS (Interned in Holland)
Waters, Corporal A. J. AOC
White, Gunner W. H. RGA
Witcombe, Bomb. E. C. RGA
Woolley, L/Corporal R. S. MFP


Adlam, Private F. C. Royal Berkshire Regiment (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Allen, Gunner W. J. AA Gun Station
Applebee, Trooper C. W. Dorset Yeomanry
Arnould, 2nd A/M RNAS
Bailey, Corporal G. E. Durham LI
Barrett, Sergeant W. RFA
Betteridge, Private A. REC
Bilkley, Pioneer A. RE
Bishop, Corporal T. RDC
Brant, Private G. P. RAMC
Bucksey, Trooper, C. Berkshire Yeomanry
Bull, Sapper, A. C. Hants Works Co
Burgess, Sapper, J. F. RE
Burrett, Private W. RDC
Bussell, Private — Labour Battalion
Chapman, L/corporal E. RE
Cranfield, Private G. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Cooper, Gunner A. H. RGA
Cooper, Private G. W. 152nd Labour Co
Cox, Private F. Warwickshires
Cox, Driver W. J. Berkshire RHA
Dance, L/Corporal A. E. Berkshire Yeomanry
Dance, Signaller W. J. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Edwards, Private H. ASC (MT)
Elvin, Private A. C. RAMC
Evans, Signaller G. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Evans, Signaller S. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Fidler, Gunner W. G. RGA
Gooch, Sergeant Edward Berkshire Yeomanry (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Gooch, L/Corporal E. A. ASC (MT)
Gooch, Trooper, P. Berkshire Yeomanry
Gooch, Driver S. RE
Goodyear, Pioneer J. RE
Graham, Private J. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Grigg, Private C. A. RAMC
Hawting, Private H. T. Scots Fusiliers
Haydon, Private A. B. 303ed Labour Co
Hunt, Private H. F. ASC
Hunt, Rifleman J. 1st Rifle Brigade (Prisoner of War)
James, Corporal R. 138th Labour Co
Lambden, Private F. ASC (MT)
Lay, Private W. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Lee, Driver W. ASC (MT)
Littlewood, Private B. RE
Lovejoy, Private C. Hon. Artillery Co
Mander, Private G. Suffolk Regiment
May, Private V. M. Royal Berkshire Regiment (Killed in action or died of wounds)
Mills, Private C. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Mills, Private H. ASC
Milner, L/Corporal T. J. East Surrey Regiment
Munday, Private E. F. 161st Labour Co
Packer, Private A. South Staffordshires
Palmer, Private W. F. Berkshire Yeomanry
Parr, Sapper, C. F. RE
Parsons, Private W. Worcester Regiment
Plumridge, Private W. A. RDC
Pocock, Cadet E. C. 19th OCB
Pocock, 1st A/M V. RFC
Pounds, Sergeant M. RFA
Powell, Private A. [blank]
Richardson, Private H. RE
Rogers, 2nd A/M J. RFC
Rolfe, Driver H. ASC
Rowe, Sergeant H. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Saxby, Private C. DCLI
Shelley, Bombardier E. RGA
Sicklemore, Private W. G. Labour Co
Simms, Private E. RMLI
Slatter, Gunner E. W. RHA
Smith, Private C. [blank]
Smith, Capt. L. Victor, MC Tank Corps [also claimed under church]
Stacey, Sapper A. J. Railway Co
Strong, Private C. HS Works Co
Thatcher, Private G. 144th Labour Co
Tott, Private H. E. HVC
Waite, Gunner J. H. Royal Navy
Ward, Private E. Royal Berkshire Regiment
Ward, L/Corporal F. Royal Sussex Regiment

Note: The Editor is anxious to make the Roll of Honour as complete as possible, and he would be glad if any reader would communicate to him any addition to, or correction in the above list.

Reading Broad Street Congregational Magazine, February 1918 (D/N11/12/1/14)

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