No modification of food restrictions for the Lunatic Asylum

Even the county’s mental hospital was affected by wartime conditions.

66, Victoria Street, S.W.

12th April, 1917


Food Restriction.

I am directed by the Board of Control to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 9th instant, and to say that they think the allowances set out in their circular letter should be adhered to as closely as possible, so far as the occupations and health of individuals among your staff and patients will permit.

The Board have no reason to think that the Food Controller has any intention of modifying his previous instructions which were issued to you.

The conditions of course which obtain in hotels and restaurants, where visitors are obviously quite unable to secure any control over cooking, are entirely different from those obtaining in a public institution or a private house.

I am, Sir,
Your Obedient Servant,

O.C. Dickinson, Secretary

The Medical Superintendent, Berks Asylum

Berkshire Lunatic Asylum correspodence (D/H10/A6/6/1/6)

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