Really British cheers

Wounded soldiers were entertained at a Tilehurst church.

The members of the choir entertained thirty-one soldiers from No 1 War Hospital on Wednesday, March 14th, in the Schoolroom. Decorations and furniture transformed the room into a drawing room, where games and frolic of varied kinds were enjoyed from 2.30 to 7.

Some of the guests themselves assisted in the work of providing amusement, and their items of singing and recitation were highly appreciated by the hosts and hostesses.

Tea was served by the soldiers, the choristers also having their meal with them and enjoying it all the more for having made personal contributions therefor.

The choirmaster (Mr Ball) welcomed the party on behalf of the choir, and the military men responded on leaving by really “British” cheers.

Several kind friends generously placed their traps at our disposal, and to them our gratitude is expressed. The task of conveying wounded soldiers grows more difficult each time.

Tilehurst Congregational Church section of Reading Broad Street Congregational Magazine, April 1917 (D/N11/12/1/14)

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