Greater love hath no man than this

Caversham men’s service was honoured.


Hearty congratulations to 2nd Lieut. A.F.C. Hill, upon receiving the Military Cross for gallant conduct with the Salonika Expeditions. This is the fourth Military Cross awarded to Caversham men, the other recipients being the Rev. C.W.O. Jenkyn, Army Chaplain; 2nd Lieut. D.T. Cowan, A. and S. Highlanders; and Sergt.-Major Wilfred Lee, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry.

Lieut. E.J. Churchill, R.E., has been “mentioned in dispatches.”

Sergt. E. Canning, of 1/4TH Royal Berks, is one of the two non-commissioned officers selected out of his battalion for the honour of a Commission.

Caversham roll of honour.

“Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend”

Name, Ship or Regiment and address, Date of death

Austin, Paymaster A.M., H.M.S. “Hawke,” 76 Albert Rd, Oct. 15th, 1914
Allnatt, Pte. N.R., 26th Roy. Fusiliers, Woodcote Road, Sept. 15th, 1916
Anderton, Pte. C.J., 3rd Ox. and Bucks L.I., 4 North St Aug. 24th, 1916
Allan, Pte. J., 1st Scots Guards, 46 Queens Road, Sept. th, 1916
Ayres, 2nd Lieut. G., 20 Derby Road
Belcher, Corpl. Fred. W., 2nd Roy. Scots Fusiliers, 69 Gosbrook Road, April 19th, 1915
Briant, Pte. B.R., Scottish Rifles, Emmer Green, Sept. 25th 1915
Simmonds, Pte. E., 1st King’s Liverpool Regt, 6, North St, May 16th, 1915
Simmonds, Pte. W., 1st Roy. Berks, 25 North Street, Oct. 23rd, 1915
Brittell, Sergt. J., May, 1915
Bristow, Sapper H., Roy. Engineers, 73, Queen’s Road, Dec. 21st, 1916
Charlton, Pte. W.H., 2nd Ox,. and Bucks L.I., 74, Prospect Street, Feb. 2nd, 1915
Cannon, Pte. P.W., 1/4th Roy. Berks, 5, Short Street, July 20th, 1916
Combley, Pte. P.W., 1/4th Roy. Berks, 30, Briant’s Ave, April 2nd, 1916
Connon, Sergt. W.I., Roy. Warwicks, 129, Gosbrook Rd, Aug. 18th, 1916
Cossey, Pte. S., 2nd Essex, Emmer Green, Apr. 1915
Caley, Pte. C. 3rd Hants Regt., 39, North Street, Sept. 3rd 1916
Clifford, Pte. W., 5th Roy. Berks, 131, Gosbrook Road, May 1916
Cook, Pte. F.G., 8th Roy. Berks, 24 Gosbrook Road, 1916
Deare, Hon. Lieut. Col. F.A., 2nd Roy Berks, Grosvenor Rd, Jan. 4th, 1916
Dix, Pte. H. 1/4th Roy. Berks, 28, South View Avenue, April 1915
Fuller, Corpl. F.G., 4TH Rifle Brigade, 18, Kings Rd, May 10th, 1915
Freeman, Trooper R., Life Guards, 63, Briant’s Avenue, July 13th, 1916
Fuller, Bugler A.E., Ox. and Bucks L.I., 18, King’s Rd, Nov. 1914
Fussell, 2nd Lieut. J.W.H., Ox and Bucks L.I. The Slopes, Henley Road, July 19th, 1916
Goodenough, Lance-Corpl. A.J., South Wales Borderers, 115, Gosbrook Road, May 14th, 1915
Gore, Pte. G., 1/4th Royal Berks, 61, Gosbrook Road, May 16th, 1916
Gayton, Pte. W.H., Ox. and Bucks L.I., Star Road, Aug. 18th, 1916
House, Lance-Corpl. G.J., 1/4th Roy. Berks, 136, Hemdean Road, May 16th, 1916
Hands,Corpl. W., 1/4th Roy. Berks, 12, Hemdean Road, Aug. 14th, 1916
Kerwood, Pioneer J., Roy. Engineers, Caversham Park Gdns
Kenody, Pte. W.R., 1st Roy. Berks, 54, Queens Road, Aug. 1916
Lusty, Gunner R., 1st Royal Field Artillery, 18, Priory Avenue, July 9th, 1916
Mitcham, Pte. W., 1/4th Roy. Berks, 13, Queen Street, July 23rd, 1916
Marsden, Gunner G.L., 50th Battery R.F.A., 36, Gosbrook Road
Moore, Pte. W.A. 2nd Ox. and Bucks L.I., 64, Briants Av, July 23rd, 1915
Maskell, Corp. F., 3rd Rifle Brigade, 30, Piggott’s Road, Apr. 2nd, 1916
Leggatt, Sergt. F., K.R.R.C., 62, Hemdean Road
Naish, Pte. A., Welsh Guards, Sept. 1916
Pragnell, Driver Reg., Berks R.H.A., 20, South Street, July 25th, 1915
Pryke, Sergt-Major C.W., Ox and Bucks L.I. 36, Prospect Street, Sept. 12th, 1915
Povey, Pte. Albert.G., 6th Roy Berks, 4, Queen Street, Sept. 23rd, 1915
Povey, Pte. J., Royal Horse Artillery, 4, Queen Street
Plews, Leading Stoker, H.M.S. “Invincible” 9, North St, May 31st, 1916
Petty, Lance-Corpl. H., Dorset Regt., 47, Blenheim Road, July 18th, 1916
Parsons, Pte. F., 6th Roy. Berks, 30, Gosbrook Street, Sept. 1915
Reddrop, Sergt. R.T., 1/4th Roy. Berks, 29, Clifton Park Rd, Aug. 14th, 1916
Roberts, Pte. H., Roy. Berks, 2, Gosbrook Road, 1916
Ryder, Lance-Corpl. G.S.H., Norfolk Regt., The Grove, Emmer Green, Oct. 13th, 1915
Saunders, Corpl. J., 1/4th Roy. Berks, 8, Queen Street, Aug. 1916
Snails, Pte. A.J. 1st Roy. Berks, Emmer Green, June 7th, 1915
Shorter, Pte. T.A., 7th Gloucester’s, 92, Queen’s Road, Nov. 1915
Snow,Lance-Corpl. J., 1/4th Roy. Berks, 109, King’s Road, Aug. 27th, 1916
Summers, Pte. A. Grenadier Guards, Kidmore Road, 1916
Sumner, Rifleman A. 3rd Rifle Brigade, 28, George Street, March 3rd, 1915
Taylor, Leading Seaman T.F., H.M.S. “Invincible” 25, Chester Street May 31st, 1916
Tuckey, 2nd Lieut. J.C. 13th Middlesex Regt., “Hillside,” Henley Road Aug. 31st, 1916
Taylor, Pte. W.H., R.M.L.I., 9, Gosbrook Street, May 6th, 1915
Townsend, Able Seaman E.J., H.M.S. “Black Prince,” 29 Queen’s Road, May 31st, 1916
Tallent, Sergt. A. 31, South View Avenue, July 1916
White, Sergt. G.T. 1st Devons, 1, Peppard Road, Nov. 4th, 1914
Webb, Rifleman J., 2nd King’s R. Rifles, 122, Westfield Rd
Warwick, Pte. S., 5th Ox. and Bucks L.I. 46, King’s Rd, Sept 1915
Owens, E., Life Guards, 3, Rectory Road, Missing
Kirby, 2nd Lieut. W.F., 15th Sikhs, Red House, Grosvenor Square Road July 10th, 1915
Swift, Pte. C.E., 11th Warwicks, 31, Oxford Street, Aug. 13th, 1916

N.B. – As this list is no doubt incomplete all corrections and additions should be sent to the Rector.

Caversham parish magazine, February 1917 (D/P162/28A/7)

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