Paupers of military age

Able bodied men seeking overnight accommodation in the workhouses were to have their military eligibility checked.

5th February 1917

The following letters are read and ordered to be filed viz:-

1. From the Local Government Board with regard to the notification of the Casual Paupers of Military Age received in the Casual Wards being given to the nearest Recruiting Officer unless such pauper holds a statement signed by a Recruiting officer shewing that his position had already been investigated and that he was not liable for Military Service and that such notification should now be sent in the case of married as well as single men. The something having reported that something had notified such cases with Recruiting Officer at the Recruiting Office Abingdon.

2. From the same body with reference to the New War Loan.

Minutes of Abingdon Board of Guardians (G/A1/32)

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