Nurses not satisfied with increased salaries

Queen Victoria Institute for District Nursing, Reading, continued to work well despite the war.

1 February 1917

Amalgamation with the work of Caversham District Nursing Association

Doctor Hope emphasised the great importance, especially since the war began, of the midwifery work and the representatives of the Institute, especially the Lady Superintendent, expressed themselves as in favour of a reconsideration of the Institute’s position as to this work, but they pointed out that pending some decision by the Reading Corporation as to the Tuberculosis and School work it was not likely that the Institute could some to a definite arrangement with regard to this because the accommodation at present would not permit of any increase in the staff and if midwifery work were taken an increase would be inevitable.

Salaries of Nursing Staff

Miss Moxhay reported that she had reason to believe that the Nurses were not satisfied with the increase of salaries arranged at the last meeting. It was pointed out that no part of the recent increase in the price of food and materials fell upon these nurses as they were boarded and lodged in all respects at the expense of the institute, but it was resolved that the Honorary Secretary should write to Headquarters and find out, if possible what the Council recommended in the matter having regard to the suggestions which they had made in March 1916.


The Honorary Treasurer reported that he had obtained the opinion of Messers Barclay & Co. with regard to the conversion of the existing War Loan holdings and they recommended that the holding of £100 – 4 ½ percent War Stock (1925/45) should be converted into the new 5 per cent War Stock (1929/47) but that the existing holding of £200, 6 per cent Exchequer Bonds should not be converted.

Resolved: that action be taken accordingly.

Minutes of Queen Victoria Institute for District Nursing, Reading (D/QX23/1/2)

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