Hope for an honourable, righteous and lasting peace

The vicar of Cookham Dean had a New Year wish for peace to come in 1917.

The Vicar’s Letter

From my heart I wish you a Happy New Year. We all feel that the good old wish that year after year kind friends have expressed for us in one way or another ever since we can remember, carries now a meaning far deeper than it used to do in days gone by. We cannot but wonder with some anxiety, what 1917 has in store for us! What sorrows it may be? What joys? We are now being taught to take a wider outlook than in years gone by and should be learning, slowly it may be, but surely to look, not merely on our own things, but also as St. Paul bids us, upon the things of others: so that at the present time, ‘A Happy New Year’ means first and foremost:-

May God send us during the coming year the opportunity with our Allies of making an honourable, righteous and lasting peace – a peace that will bring with it for the whole world, especially for War-stricken Europe, and most especially for our own dear country, higher ideals than ever before of brotherhood and mutual service, together with the determination on the part of each one of us to rise to these ideals and unselfishly to work for their fulfilment.

Cookham Dean parish magazine, January 1917 (D/P43B/28A/11)

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