“The children are like soldiers”

The Wargrave parish magazine’s account of a children’s entertainment is full of war allusions.

Sir Charles Henry gave a treat to the School Children on Thursday, December 21st. It was very kind of Sir Charles and it would be difficult for him to realize how much pleasure it gave the children and all concerned.

The Teachers arranged a programme which was gone through in the spirit it deserved – the audience in no way lacking appreciation. Indeed, the children are like soldiers and the entertainments they enjoy are those in which they entertain themselves. That the tea was thoroughly enjoyed no one could doubt. Like the present Cabinet “quick decisions” seemed the order of the day in the matter of buns and cakes. Peace was not declared till the buns were as scarce as we hope the Huns will soon be.

Previous to the singing of “God save the King,” which terminated the proceedings, cheers were given for Sir Charles Henry, the three teachers, and all those who contributed towards the enjoyment of the evening.

Wargrave parish magazine, January 1917 (D/P145/28A/31)

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