“Many soldiers have been brought nearer to God through the War”

As part of the National Mission, people at home were challenged by a leaflet which purported to be sent by serving soldiers.

The following has been drawn up by our Soldiers in France, and is being sent in the form of a leaflet to us at home:-


Are you thinking about the National Mission of Repentance and Hope? They seem to be talking about it a great deal in England. It sounds to us a splendid plan.

Now we men out here want to do our bit to help if we can; and we want you at home to be getting ready now to join us on our return in trying to bring our own homes and our Country a good deal nearer to God than they were before the War. God is speaking to our Nation, and many of us are finding out that our way of looking at life has to a great extent been wrong and out of gear.

People have been so busy getting wages raised, comforts increased, and amusements multiplied, that we had almost or quite forgotten that the value of such is lost unless we put God first. Do we not all need to make a fresh start by putting God first? We believe that if we do so, we shall be able to meet the difficulties of life much more easily and much more satisfactorily.

Many soldiers have been brought nearer to God through the War. We are sure that our new way of looking at things is better and truer than the old one; we do not want it to fade away when we get back home; and so we are asking you to help on the Mission at home by taking part in it yourself.

If anyone calls about the Missions, give them a welcome and show them this leaflet. Let us hear how it goes on, because we are confident that great good will arise if we all do our part.

Wokingham St Sebastian parish magazine, December 1916 (D/P154C/28A/1)

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