“It is our serious duty to keep the fabric of our civilization and our religion going through the time of war”

The demands of the war meant there was less money to spare for churches and charities. the Diocese of Oxford appealed not to be forgotten.

The Oxford Diocesan Fund:

The Diocese is asked to give £4,420 (which is almost the same sum as last year) for the diocesan needs, in addition to the interest received on the invested funds of the various Societies and annual subscriptions paid direct to the Diocesan Treasurer.

Of course we are well aware how great is the demand which the war taxes are making and will make upon incomes, and also how many urgent claims the war is making for voluntary contributions. But at the same time the war is teaching us, more fully that we ever learnt it before, the meaning of sacrifice, and it is probably that we are all more ready to give than we were two years ago.

Besides supporting the war, it is our serious duty to keep the fabric of our civilization and our religion going through the time of war, so that no needless impoverishment of our common life may result from it.

The Rural Deaneries have by their representatives accepted the apportionment, and we hope that the parishes will accept each its share, to be raised by collections in Church or by other means: and we trust as well that our friends will keep up their subscriptions, so that the various Diocesan Societies may be able to carry on their work without any serious curtailment.

It will greatly assist the Treasurer, if the collections are made and forwarded to him as soon as possible and in any case before November 30th.
Signed on behalf of the Diocesan Board,
C. OXON: President
W. H. AMES, Hon. Treasurer
HENRY E. TROTTER, Hon. Secretary.

The Parish of Wargrave is asked to give £21. 5s. 1d. Last year the sum was duly raised. All collections on Sunday, September 24th, will be given to this object.

Wargrave parish magazine, September 1916 (D/P145/28A/31)

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