A Military Hospital for mentally-affected German prisoners

There was more on the idea of using Broadmoor for insane PoWs.

2 September 1916
The Board of Control
66 Victoria Street, SW

My dear Simpson

With reference to the memorandum which I left with you on Thursday evening respecting the proposed use of a wing of Bmoor as a Military Hospital for mentally-affected German prisoners, it occurs to me that the Council of Supervision may think we are not showing them proper consultation if we allow the project to approach final settlement without consulting them officially. If you agree I would suggest that a communications should go to them from the Home Office. The War Office will probably approach you soon on the question of the financial and administrative arrangements to be made for running the Block as a Military Hospital: we have told them that the Home Office is the supreme authority over Bmoor….

As you know the Visiting Committee of County and Borough Asylums which have become War Hospitals continue to carry on the general work of administration of their Institutions under the supervision of Dr Marriott Cooke & Dr Bond. These Commissioners would of course be willing, if asked, to render any services desired of them in connection with Broadmoor.

Yours sincerely
W P Byrne

Broadmoor correspondence file (D/H14/A6/2/51)

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