Girls need lodgings in towns while doing war work

Young women who had joined the workforce under war conditions needed somewhere safe to live.

In these days when girls need lodgings in towns while doing war work of various kinds it is well to bring before them the advantages offered by the “Girls’ Friendly Society” Lodges in the Diocese.
With the Lady Superintendents always at hand in case of little ailments or worries and other girls for company, a “Lodge” is more cheerful than solitary lodgings. Food too, can be better and more varied with a large number to cater for.

The Diocesan Lodges have charming gardens.

Those who do not belong to the Society need a reference and a charged a little more than members of the G.F.S.

The necessity for special training in various trades and professions, is well understood: it is now becoming recognised that this is also needed for domestic service. Girls can obtain this training at the Lodges.

Terms can be had by sending a stamped envelope to the Lady Superintendents :- G.F.S. Lodge, 63, St. Giles, Oxford; Berks G.F.S. Lodge, 62, London Street, Reading; Alma Cottage, Speen, Newbury.

Winkfield District Magazine, August 1916 (D/P151/28A/8/8)

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