Making hospital splints in woodwork lessons

A Cookham school had devoted its woodwork classes to supporting the war effort.

August 2nd 1916

The Woodwork Classes terminated today. During the past few months the ordinary course of instruction has been dropped in favour of Warwork.

The boys have been engaged in making splints for Hospital Use – elbow, wrist, finger, hand, leg and foot, and the Liston Special Splint – also bedtables, trays, rests, supports etc. Altogether something like 2500 articles have been completed and forwarded to Hospitals for use. The materials for this work were supplied by the Voluntary War Workers Association of Reading.

The Children in School have subscribed from time to time pence and the money has been expended in buying Timber and making splints and other Red Cross Registers for the Local Hospital at the Maidenhead Technical School.

During the past Winter four subscriptions have been sent to Local Tobacco Fund to supply Tobacco and Cigarettes etc. to the Berkshire Regiment and the School Staff have in most cases sent regular subscriptions to Prince of Wales Fund, Red Cross Fund, Tobacco Fund and other Funds.

Cookham Alwyn Road School log book (88/SCH/18/1, p. 278)

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