“It is appalling these awful losses, goodness knows where we find all the officers”

Two of Ralph Glyn’s fellow officers wrote to him with their opinions on the war.

June 20th [1916]
Dear Glyn

Very many thanks for your letter. I was very pleased to hear from you. Georgevitch has evidently done something to get himself into very hot water, I believe the question of decorations has something to do with it, anyhow he is absolutely shelved. You will have heard that a Colonel Nikolauivitch has been appointed Military Attache in London; it is just as well no one proposed Georgevitch for there, as he would have been refused. When they were discussing the question of who to send, they privately asked me & I suggested G, but was at once told that his name would not be entertained for a moment. I fear that there is nothing more that can be done for him. He got into trouble once before I understand over his treatment of his soldiers, & was for this reason only not with a battery in the Field Army.

It is appalling these awful losses, goodness knows where we find all the officers. Still one hopes on the whole the thing is going well though slowly.

I am glad to say I am better, though I have had a bit of [fun?] lately, everyone is having it too. [Hemlis?] & his division have left as you will have heard, most of them I believe going to help at Malta & elsewhere. The country is [illegible] fun from Typhus now, & there is a general air of cleanliness & sanitation about. All his troops practically are inoculated against Cholera.

My wife has been in the North all this time working up relief funds for Serbia, & has collected quite a lot of money; so anyhow you would not have had a chance of meeting her, thanks very much all the same. Things are very quiet here, but I am busy enough with wires & things the WO want. We were visited by 3 Austro-German aeroplanes the other day who dropped some bombs & made a lot of noise, but did not do much damage. We bagged one on its way back.
Wishing you the best of luck.

Yrs sincerely
Arthur Harrison

Beningbrough to London

June 20th

My dear Ralph

Hope I may run across you in London as I go through, but if not here’s the best of good luck to you with the 57th Div:, and in your subsequent employments as something more important than GSO3. I shall be awfully sorry to miss you when I get back. We’ve done a lot together one way & another in the last year. I feel rather a brute when I think of my morose temper during the last two or three months in Egypt – but I was feeling like nothing on earth all the time – a reason, though no excuse!

I envy you very much getting so far on your way to the “decisive point”. Lord, I do wish I could get there & away from Egypt.
No chance of dining, I’m afraid – thanks much for asking; but I’m very full up, unless as you say the WO may hold me up for a bit. I’ve heard nothing of that, however, nor anything (officially) about Clayton’s visit.

I heard of you from F. Oliver with whom I lunched last week.

Well, Ralph, I hope you’ll get to the “Bunter” before long; – put in a word for an “old Egyptian”, if you do. Best of good luck to you, & may our lives converge again later.

Yours ever
Guy Dawnay

Letters to Ralph Glyn (D/EGL/C32/40-41)

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