PoWs “as nice a looking set of Britishers as one would wish to meet anywhere”

It was a relief to hear that men captured by the enemy were in good health.


We have good news of our prisoners. Lance-Corporal Percy Huxford, 8th Royal Berks, and Private Richard Taylor, 1st Royal Berks. The former is at Mannheim, said to be one of the best managed Prisoners’ camps in Germany. His mother has seen a returned prisoner and friend of his, who gave a good account of the camp and of her son, “always ready” (as he said,) “for a bit of fun.”

Private Taylor also seems well. He has sent home a photo of a group of his fellow prisoners, and of a part of the prison buildings. The latter looks a clean, airy place, and the former as nice a looking set of Britishers as one would wish to meet anywhere. Private Taylor himself is included in the group, looks well, and (a cheering detail) has a cigarette in his hand. He is imprisoned at Friedrichsfeld-bei Wesel.

But however bravely they make the best of their wearisome imprisonment, with its attendant hardships, we know how hard it must be to bear, and are glad to feel that the fortnightly parcels sent by subscribers to the above Fund are regularly received, and make them feel that they are not forgotten by their Ascot friends. In each case the parents subscribe a regular amount monthly towards the parcel; the Fund supplementing the rest of the money required.

The parcels are sent through the Agency of the British Prisoners of War Fund of the British Red Cross Society, and we have heard that the official stamp of these parcels seems to ensure their arrival, even when others go astray. Miss La Trobe-Bateman will be most grateful for promises of fresh subscribers if needed in the future; that is to say, if others of our Ascot lads or men are taken prisoners.

Ascot section of Winkfield District magazine, May 1916 (D/P151/28A/5)

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