Berkshire roads damaged by military traffic

Berkshire’s roads were being badly damaged by heavy military traffic.

15 April 1916


Bath Road

Estimates for re-surfacing a portion of the sides of the Bath Road between Reading and Hungerford and reconstructing the whole width of the road for a length of 1 ¼ miles between Hungerford and the county boundary have been forwarded to the Road Board. Both of these sections of the Bath Road have been considerably damaged by military traffic.

Reading and Ascot Road

The granite sides of the main road between Reading and Ascot have suffered considerable damage by the military transport traffic….

£1,760 claim. A sum of £1,753 6s 0d has been received from the Road Board, in full settlement of the claim of the Council for making good the damage to main roads up to November, 1914. This sum represents the actual cost of the work as certified by an Officer of the Board on examination of the accounts.

Report of Highways & Bridges Committee to Berkshire County Council (C/CL/C1/1/19)

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