A disservice to the state

The Reading School teacher who was a conscientious objector was keen to return to school – but would he be welcome back, when his headmaster was planning in joining up himself?

44 Marlborough Road

April 15, 16

Dear Sir

Will you please bring my case before the proper authorities?

I have written to Mr Keeton today in answer to a letter from him in which he says that he is informed that I cannot carry my case further and that he is justified in assuming that I shall not return next term to Reading School. I want to state that with regard to the first point he has been misinformed. The Military Service Act (Section 3) gives me the right to apply again to the Local Tribunal for a variation of my certificate of exemption from combatant service. I propose to take this course and I do not think it is right that any action should be taken by the Headmaster or the Committee until my case is fully and finally disposed of.

Should it turn out that I shall be allowed to remain my present employment I think it right for me to return to Reading School and I cannot see any greater disservice that could be done to the State at a time when the State is demanding National Service for all than to throw out of useful employment a citizen with a capacity for a certain kind of national service which is plainly service of national importance. I therefore appeal to the Committee and the Governors for a suspension of any action with regard to myself until my case is finally settled.

Yours obediently

R W Crammer

Letter to the Clerk to the Governors of Reading School (SCH3/5/50)

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