Perilous voyages

Sisters of Clewer’s Community of St John Baptist returning from working in India endured a scary voyage home, fearing attack from German mines:

April 6th, 1916

I have been asked to let you know… that the Annual Service of St John Baptist Calcutta Mission Association shall beheld (D.V.) at St Barnabas’ Church, Pimlico, on Tuesday in Whitsun Week, June 13th… After the service a gathering of associates and friends will take place at St Barnabas Church Room, Ranelagh Grove… and the Sisters who have recently returned from India will be there…

It has been a very great pleasure to welcome home 4 Sisters within the last two months, Sister Frances Anne, Sister Mabel Theresa, Sister Beatrice Mary, and Sister Mary Evelyn, after really perilous voyages. From Port Said to Marseilles all the passengers were requested to take their lifebelts with them wherever they went – boats were lowered, and rafts prepared in readiness for whatever might happen, and for a long distance their steamers took a very zigzag course, which proved to be most trying experience, and, of course, lengthened the voyage. When the Channel was reached the steamer which brought the last home-coming Sister just crept along, preceded by mine-sweepers, and followed by a number of smaller boats anxious to share in the safety this afforded.

Evelyn, Superior CSJB

Letters to Associates of the Community of St John Baptist (D/EX1675/1/24/6)

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