“Things inside Germany don’t seem happy which is all to the good”

A Foreign Office friend of Ralph’s wrote with the latest news and rumours.


Dear Glyn

We have been so terribly rushed at the FO that I have hardly time to write to anyone about anything nowadays…

I am up here for 10 days leave & am fishing hard. Up to now I haven’t done well, though there seem to be a lot of fish, but I am out of luck. My host got 7 today & I only got one though I believe I was on the best water. It is awful good getting away for a bit from the FO as one gets very stale after 3 months or so [work?].
Things seem to be going pretty well all round, though as usual London is full or was full when I left 4 days ago of gloom & rumours. However none of the latter ever seem to come true.

You must be having a pretty strenuous time too. I believe the Huns are having a nasty knock at Verdun & it ought to keep them quiet for some time; meanwhile things inside Germany don’t seem happy which is all to the good. I think they expected to take the place all right & rather calculated on the effect it would have on their own people & on the neutrals.

Yours sincerely
E Drummond

Letter to Ralph Glyn (D/EGL/C32/18)

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