We almost forget what the sun looks like

The people of Earley heard from one of its soldiers now serving in France:

Mr Septimus Hawkes writes from France –

We are still in billets, waiting for orders to march to the firing line. We have to be ready to move at two hours notice. We spent a very quiet Christmas, but thought of you all when at Holy Communion, which was held in a small schoolroom in a village nearby. It was so cheering to sing a few of the beautiful old hymns, as it is hard to realise the times out here. We spend most of our time manoeuvring across country, and so get plenty of exercise. We had some sports for the Battalion a few days ago, and they were quite a success in spite of the field in which they were held being under water. We still get plenty of rain and almost forget what the sun looks like.

Earley parish magazine, February 1916 (D/P192/28A/14)

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