Every man worth anything is on war service

Lady Mary Glyn wrote to her son Ralph with the latest news, ranging from air raids to the family members affected by the war.

Feb 8th 1916
The Palace
My own darling Scrappits

We have had a Zepp excitement since I wrote – no, I think we did tell you? Poor Loughborough has suffered; one factory refused to put out its lights & they did a lot of damage there and killed 11 people. Other places escaped by clever devices, and the Bosch was well let in, but on the whole it was a fine performance on their part.
I wonder what you think of the trawler and her skipper. I am sure he did the only thing that was possible?

There are so many rumours about the war & the growing conviction that the autumn is to see the end of the war – I wonder!

John & Maysie have been here for Sunday – 5th to 7th. He had to see his Colonel on Monday & today we hear he is made Adjutant & takes up duty at Windsor, so they are looking for a house….

Aunt Syb writes of your letter to her with real gratitude… I did not try to see her last week having to do so much, and she was I hear all day at her hospital. Aunt Far has been writing in the Oban Times, and in a very characteristic way. I hope a better memorial may be published in Ivar’s own letters some day. He is one of those who found his life in losing it: and I think of him as he was, ever in the old days, & as we met again outside the Inverary Church at his father’s funeral…

The sad news here is Mackenzie’s illness, & I fear it is very serious… Mackenzie’s illness is the result of the Zeppelin trouble when he had to be on duty from Monday evening to late on Tuesday – & traffic was all disorganized. He has had something the matter since the operation, & now there is bad hemorrhage & obstruction, & yesterday was a very bad day….

It is 11.15, this 8th day of Feb, & Dad is deep in “confab” over the Mission to be arranged for, & has the Bishop of Leicester, Canon Jones, Canon Bowers and Canon Morse. Canon Whittinghame could not come. The Archbishops are determined to carry through a great national movement, but I cannot believe it is wise to have it before the end of the war, when every man worth anything to his country is on some special war service. However, there is an appalling want of realization of the grave issues of this time, and they may turn out to be right. It requires the faith can “remove mountains” to entertain the thought of it, and you can realize the special difficulties for Dad! He hopes to be able to prepare the ground and to do it in such a way that he can act for the leader that is not he himself.

I am always seeing people all day long and the rest of our GG and the Red X and the Northampton War Hospital all take up a lot of time & correspondence. This has now got quite beyond me. The darling children too, without Meg, take all my evenings – and Dad has been very much at home and wants a great deal of attention. He never goes out without me, and so every morning I go out, and nearly all the afternoon, and we get many duties done… The new chauffeur is a married man, & of course requires higher wages , 30/- a week. He comes for a month on trial and does not at present remove his family…
Dad will make no alteration in his confirmation programme in spite of war & lighting orders & repeats his old formula, “Just go on quietly”! It makes me gasp with despair, but I shall hope for some change in this….

Maysie is looking for a house at Windsor. As Adjutant he will get no time away and little leave so I am glad they managed this last Sunday here. You will come across Oswald Balfour. Dad saw him one day in London, looking very well, & I do hope he will stay in Egypt & not go on to Kut….

Own own Mur

Letter from Lady Mary Glyn to her son Ralph (D/EGL/C2/3)

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