“A crime which in scale and horror has probably no parallel in the history of the world”

The ethnic cleansing and mass slaughter of Armenians in Turkey shocked the west.


In accordance with the expressed desire of the Archbishop of Canterbury, it is to be hoped that on Sunday, February 6th (5th Sunday after Epiphany) Intercessions may be made in the churches on behalf of the Armenian and Assyrian peoples in their dire extremity – for those brought to degradation and slavery or left without protection or support in Turkey, for those who are refugees in the Russian Caucasus and elsewhere; and also that collections may be taken, wherever possible, for the relief of these survivors of Turkish barbarity.

The Archbishop’s Appeal is as follows:


“The massacre of Armenian and Assyrian Christians in the Turkish Empire is a crime which in scale and horror has probably no parallel in the history of the world, and the sufferings baffle description which are now being endured by the rapidly dwindling number of hunted and persecuted survivors. To these people in their dire distress Christian aid should flow ungrudgingly. In many churches arrangements are already being made for collections on their behalf on Sunday, February 6th, and I venture to hope that on that or one of the succeeding Sundays there may be a wide-spread effort to alleviate distresses which are literally unspeakable. The money should be sent to the Secretary of the Armenian Refugees (Lord Mayor’s) Fund, 96, Victoria Street, Westminster, SW.”

Note: The collections on Sunday, February 6th in St Peter’s Church will be given to the above fund.

Earley St Peter parish magazine, February 1916 (D/P191/28A/23/1)

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