Cheery soldiers and Serbian relief

Residents of Crazies Hill in the parish of Wargrave supported fundraising for our allies in Serbia.

Crazies Hill Notes: Servian Relief Fund

On Wednesday, February 2, a concert was given in the Village Hall on behalf of the above Fund. The performers came from Henley and the programme was arranged by Mr. Chillman of 10, Market Place, Henley. It is interesting to note that Mr. Chillman is a native of Crazies Hill, having been born in our village where he spent the early years of his life.

The concert was a success from every point of view. There must have been close upon two hundred people present, and all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the different items as they were proceeded with. The front rows of seats were reserved for the patients of Parkwood Hospital, and the cheery presence of the soldiers added to the evening’s enjoyment. Although all the performers were amateurs the talent exhibited was above the average. The Pianoforte Solos were listened to with attention. The Recitations of a lady were greatly appreciated; and a Baritone Singer with an exceptionally good voice was deservedly encored. Also a great favourite with the audience was a Soprano Soloist, who was vigorously applauded and repeatedly encored. Of course the comic element was very welcome and met with the reception it undoubtedly deserved. ‘The Funny Man’ produced much laughter. We are very grateful to all the performers. The result of the concert, £3 16s. 11d. has been forwarded to the Treasurer of the Fund.

Concert at Crazies Hill Village Hall,
On February 2nd, 1916

£ s. d.
Sale of Tickets 2 14 11
Taken at door 1 6 6
Sale of Programmes 0 8 0

Total 4 9 5

Hire of Hall 0 5 0
Refreshments for Performers 0 5 0
Cleaner 0 2 6
Handed over to Serbians’ Fund 3 16 11

Total 4 9 5.

Wargrave parish church magazine, March 1916 (D/P145/28A/31)

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