“Knowing no fear and heeding no danger”

A much-loved young man from Earley lost his life in Egypt in December 1915.

In memoriam

Thursday the 16 December, bought us heavy tidings in the death of Ronald Eric Brown, Trooper, Berks Yeomanry, youngest son of our churchwarden, Mr Richard Brown of Capenor, Crescent Road. Ronald Brown was a delightful example of English youth vivacious, active, cheerful, fearless, and an excellent horseman. He left England for Cairo last April, and suffered greatly from the effects of the climate and conditions of life in Egypt, being repeatedly sent down to hospital in Alexandria with blood poisoning. To be left behind when his companions went up to the Dardanelles was heart breaking to him, and it is not difficult to believe that he longed with an intense desire for the opportunity which, when it came, cost him his life.

It appears from his long delayed letters that – his health restored by Dec 1st – he was one of those selected to put down disturbances caused by Arab tribes on the west front of Egypt. From the wilds of the desert he sent his last letter home, describing the pitiless sandstorms, the cold and the wet, the great distances from village to village; but anxious to do his bit (so he said) when the moment came. And on the 11th it came; and those who knew him best at home can picture him in the front line, knowing no fear and heeding no danger, ready to do his bit and return if it might be so, and if not – well, to shew those by his side that he was. So he died – one more of the brave lads baptized, confirmed and communicants in the old home church, fighting for her and the old country, cheerful and fearless in life in death. But the heart of our parish goes out to his father and mother.

Earley parish magazine, January 1916 (D/P192/28A/14)

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