A new world of justice and truth after the war

Missionary supporters in Earley had food for thought about life after the war.


On Sunday, December 6th, the annual sermon on behalf of the Propagation of the Gospel was preached by the Rev. F. Welch from British Guiana…

The following extracts from an article by Canon C. H. Robinson give us helpful thoughts in this “time of war”:

“The terrible price which we are paying as the cost of victory in this war urges us to find an answer to a further question – How may we use aright for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom that victory which we believe that He will give us? One thing only can compensate us for the misery and suffering which this war is bringing to millions of homes: and that is that the close of the war shall usher in a new world of justice and truth at home and a new era in the history of Christian Missions abroad.

But, if this is to be so, we must not wait till the end of the war before taking action. At the moment the whole of the non-Christian world is watching the present strife, and it behoves the supporters of Missions to redouble their efforts to interpret to them the teachings of Jesus Christ…

It is impossible to forecast what the future has in store, or predict the effects which the war will have upon the prospects of Christianity at home and abroad … but one thing in the future is certain. Earth’s greatest kingdoms may have their day and cease to be, but the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven is drawing nigh.”

Earley St Peter parish magazine, January 1916 (D/P191/28A/23/1)

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