“It is fatal to rely upon Greece doing anything but letting us down with a bump”

Ralph Glyn reported to his boss and mentor General Callwell on plans to use aeroplanes to defend against submarines, both representing new forms of warfare.

Union Club

November 10th

My dear general

I have been spending the last few days in a destroyer looking out places from which the Air Service can patrol the entrance to the Aegean. This new influx of submarines – some mounting a 4” gun – will prove very serious. It is fatal to rely upon Greece doing anything but letting us down with a bump. Any scheme of protection that counts upon Greek help is worse than useless since it means that precautions that might otherwise be taken are not put in force, & evil results. The worst of it all is that Medforce & the NAS are so dreadfully short of aeroplanes that I fear in the future – unless the Admiralty get more & better machines we may lose command of the air which will have most dire results on the Peninsula as our gun fire can only be effective as long as our machines can keep the air and ‘spot’….

I learn that K is now coming out here. I wonder so much if you are with him. What he can do I cannot think – facts are facts & the sooner they are reorganised the better.

I’m sorry to be away from GHQ but with K there I might have been finally executed! I am to see the Admiral now & go on to France I hope tomorrow or the day after. I miss my work with you more & more but only hope I may make a success of this job.

Unsigned letter from Ralph Glyn to General Callwell (D/EGL/C24)

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