Comforts and Christmas cheer for those brave men nobly fighting for King and Country

People in Winkfield energetically raised funds for Christmas presents to send to serving soldiers from the area.

THE RUMMAGE SALE in the Parish Room on November 9th was a great success. Although the weather was abominable it did not seem to deter people from coming, for immediately on opening the room was crowded with buyers.

Lord George Pratt who had most kindly conveyed the goods from the Vicarage to the Parish Room, was also good enough to open the sale. In a few well chosen words he explained how anxious we were that the effort so successfully made last Christmas by Miss Montgomerie to raise funds for providing Christmas presents to our own men absent on Service should be repeated this year. Unfortunately we were losing the Miss Montgomeries from the parish, but Mrs. Maynard had undertaken to do her best to procure the necessary funds and see to the sending off of the presents. As however this year the number of men serving was greater and a larger sum must be provided, Mrs. Maynard had got up to this rummage sale in the hope that the proceeds would go a long way towards meeting the necessary expense.

He therefore urged those present to remember that by becoming purchasers they would be helping to provide comforts and Christmas cheer for those brave men from our parish who were nobly fighting for King and Country. We had contributed a fair share of men to this great cause, and, as one of the Recruiting Committee for East Berkshire, he hope that more still would follow their example.

His Lordship then declared the sale open and business commenced at once. All present availed themselves eagerly of the bargain prices, and sales were so brisk that in about an hour there was very little left, and the few articles that hung fire were for the most part quickly disposed of by Lord George, who made an excellent amateur auctioneer.

The receipts amounted to £12 13s. 8d. and inclusive of £4 10s. 0d., donations from some kind friends who could not send goods, a total of £17 3s. 8d. was raised and Mrs. Maynard is much to be congratulated on the result of her efforts. She begs to cordially thank all those who so kindly sent donations and articles for sale and also those ladies and gentlemen who helped her to classify and price the things, or assisted at various stalls.

Winkfield section of Winkfield District Magazine, December 1915 (D/P151/28A/7/12)

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