Our list of heroes continues to grow

Maidenhead Congregational Church continued to support its soldiers, and their worried families.

Our list of heroes continues to grow, not only by new enlistments but by some additions of names of men who have left the town, but have still some kind of living connection with us. For some Sunday evenings past, the Roll has been read from the pulpit, and our friends named therein earnestly commended to God in prayer.

At the Church Meeting on Wednesday it was unanimously resolved to send a letter of greeting and gratitude to each of our young men who are on active service and in training. A draft was submitted and approved, and it will be printed and sent off with all speed.
It was agreed also, at the same meeting, that a box be held at the door of the Church on Sundays, November 7th and 14th, to receive contributions to a public fund which is being raised to send plum puddings to our soldiers at Christmas.

We regret to hear that one of our Institute lads, Pte. Harold Fisher, of the 1st Royal Berks, is reported to be missing since September 28th. Our deepest Christian sympathy is with the distressed parents, and we most earnestly hope they will soon receive news which will relieve their anxiety. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher have three other sons in the Army.

Maidenhead Congregational Church magazine, November 1915 (D/N33/12/1/5)

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