That dread word “missing”

Broad Street Church in Reading continued to care about its men who had gone to war.

November 1915

We desire also to express our sympathy with the relatives and friends of our brother, Trooper G P Lewis, of the Royal Berks Yeomanry. Mr Lewis has been a member of our church for some years. He was one of the first to respond to the call of his country in August 1914. He has been reported “missing” in the Dardanelles, for some weeks. We can imagine what that dread word “missing” means to his loved ones, and we tender them our affectionate sympathy.

News reached Reading a few days ago that Private Reginald S Woolley, son of our friends Mr and Mrs W A Woolley, 85 Oxford Road, had been seriously wounded “somewhere in France”. It is a pleasure to be able to report that our young friend is now making good progress towards recovery, and hopes before long to be home on sick leave. We congratulate his parents upon this relief from their anxiety, and we hope that their natural desire to have their son home may soon be realised.

The call for recruits for the army and navy is sadly depleting our ranks in the Sunday School, and there is the possibility of further loss in the near future…

Talking of recruits reminds me that eight more names have been added to the church section of our Roll of Honour.

The following list, it is hoped, contains all the names of the men connected with our church who are now serving their King and country.
A further list giving those of the Brotherhood will appear, it is hoped, in next month’s magazine.

The idea of giving the men’s postal addresses is the opportunity it affords for friends at home to let them know they are not forgotten, and to send to those they know so well, and who are constantly in our thoughts, an occasional brief letter, postcard or greeting, etc. it is suggested that home news be given rather than war news, so as not to remind them too clearly of the terrible work in which, at the call of duty, they are often obliged to engage. The writer ought not to expect these warriors to be able (at least often) to reply to any letters we may send them, as they would be sure to let us know, when wiring to their own relatives, that our letters had been received.

Anger, 13418 Sapper J P, 38 Field Co Royal Engineers, 28th Division, BEF
Bacon, 14507 Pte D, Headquarters, 9th Batt. Leicestershire Regiment, BEF
Baker, 2668 Pte D, 13th Platoon D Co. 1/4th Royal Berks Regiment, 1/1st South Midland Infantry Brigade, BEF
Beer, 553 Cpl F H, No 9 RAS, RFC, Norwich
Brain, W Russell, Friends Ambulance Unit, Military Hospital, Haxby Rd Section, York
Brough, S/9944 Pte T, C Co, 3rd Batt. Seaforth Highlanders, Hut 15, Cromarty
Brown, 16286 Pte E F, RMLI, 38th Mess, HMS Albermarle, c/o GPO, London
Brown, S/060122 Pte F G, 273rd Co, ASCMT, 21st Division Supply Column, A Supply, BEF
Butt, 5771 Farrier A, ASC, 246th Co, 29th Divisional Train, Med. EF
Chandler, 2664 Pte H T, A Company, No 4 Platoon, 1/4th Royal Berks Regiment, EFF
Dracup, Sergt Instr. E C, 3rd Army Signal School, Barnston, Dunmow, Essex
Dyer, Pte F W, Officers’ Mess, Aldermaston, Berks
Fereday, Pte H S, 2nd Contingent Rhodesian Regiment, Bulawayo, S Africa
Francis, Oswald S, 2nd Lieut., Royal Berks Regiment, Purbrook Fort, Cosham, Hants
Francis, Leslie, Inns of Court Officers’ Training Corps, London
Hancock, 2387 Pte N, A Co, 5th Batt. East Surrey Regiment, Windsor
Harper, 389 Pte W F, Isolation Ward, 15th General Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt
Hart, 1049 Pte W D, Room 49, G Co, Royal Marine Artillery, Eastney Barracks, Portsmouth
Hawkins, 07797 Pte A E, 28th Co, AOC Corps, Mill Dam Barracks, Portsmouth
Hilliard, 27680 Pte R, RAMC, 44th Field Ambulance, 14th Division, BEF
Hilliard, 2700 Pte W A, B Co, 8th Platoon, 1/4th Royal Berks Regiment, BEF
Keene, 3199 Pte G, 3rd Co, 9th Platoon, 1st Batt. Herts Regiment, BEF
Lambden, Frank, 79 Mount Pleasant, ASC Mechanical Transport
Lewis, Trooper G P, 4th Troop, B Squadron, 2nd Mounted Division, Berks Yeomanry, Cairo, Egypt
Maggs, G, 2nd Lieut., Victoria Barracks, Southsea
Middlemost, Arthur, South African Contingent
Nott, E F, 127 Southampton Street, Royal Naval Division
Papps, 2701 L-Corpl A C, F Co, 4th Batt. Royal Berks Regiment, BEF
Rogers, Pte Eric, C Co, 3rd Batt. Seaforth Highlanders, Cromarty
Sanders, Trooper R, 4th Troop B Squadron, Berks Yeomanry, King’s Lynn, Norfolk
Smith, L Victor, Friends Ambulance Unit, Army Post Office, S10, British Expeditionary Force
Ward, 1026 Pte F, C Co, 1/6th Cyclist Batt., Royal Sussex Regiment, Potter Heigham, Norfolk
Woolley, 17427 Pte R S, 16th Platoon, D Co, 7th Batt. Norfolk Regiment, 35th Infantry Brigade, 12th Division, BEF

In Memoriam
George Shearwood, 323 London Rd, who gave his life for his country whilst serving with the New Zealand Contingent in the Dardanelles.

We think of them both day and night
And oft for them we pray
That God will guard them in the fight
And bring them home one day
And while our men are fighting there
Our women weep at home
Help them to trust the Father’s care
And say Thy will be done
Oh, keep us, then, from wild despair
And give us childlike trust
Help us to cast our care on Thee
We know our cause is just
And in Thine own good time do Thou
Tis only Thou who can
Spread wide the Fatherhood of God
And Brotherhood of man

Broad Street magazine, November 1915 (D/N11/12/1/14)

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