Three teeth lost to a hostile aircraft

The Standing Joint Committee which oversaw the Berkshire Constabulary met on 9 October 1915 to consider various war-related matters, including an unfortunate accident resulting from the shock of an air raid, whetehr the Chief Constable should abandon his job to take up a role with the army.

A circular having been received from the Board of Trade (Railway Department) dated 6th September, 1915, addressed to Council Authorities, recommending that every effort should be made to accumulate stocks of coal in consequence of the probability that, owing to the number of miners who have joined the colours, the supply for home consumption next winter will be less than usual, instructions were issued to Superintendents to purchase sufficient coal to last the winter (or partly so) if it could be properly stored.

Accident to Special Constable G. E. Loader
The Divisional Officer, Berks Special Reserve, Wokingham Division, has reported that Special Constable G. E. Loader met with a serious accident on 13th September, 1915, while proceeding to his post on an alarm being given as to the approach of hostile aircraft. He ran into a post in the dark and injured his jaw, three teeth being knocked out, which he is having replaced by new ones. I beg to recommend that as the accident happened when on duty, the cost of the new teeth should be paid for out of the Police Fund. The amount would be £1. 19s. 4d.
Recommended for approval.

The report of the Sub-committee as to the Chief Constable’s military appointment was presented as follows:

We beg to report that towards the end of August, Major Poulton informed us that he had been offered an appointment to supervise the Army Forage for the Southern Counties from Norfolk to Cornwall, in number about 22. He said he would probably have about 50 officers under him, and the weekly expenditure he understood to be about £100,000 in the district, he would have an office in London at the War Office and a proper staff.

We were of opinion that the post offered to Major Poulton was of sufficient importance to justify us giving consent to its acceptance…
Major Poulton states that he will receive 1/- a day in lieu of a military servant and asks if he may continue to have the use of his Police Chauffeur on paying that 1/- into the County Fund; but we consider this matter to be one which should be settled by the Standing Joint Committee itself.

Taking these various matters into consideration… the Sub-committee recommend that after retaining his Army pay, the Chief Constable receive an allowance at the rate of £328 per annum, which would leave a balance of £322 unexpended, in addition to the previous allowance for travelling of £200.

The Sub-committee was given to understand that £500 per annum would cover the amount Colonel Ricardo would be willing to accept for temporarily undertaking the duties of Chief Constable, inclusive of all out-of-pocket expenses…

The following telegram from Colonel F. C. Ricardo was read:
Will accept sum suggested, but hope travelling and other expenses will not exhaust salary altogether; was counting on police chauffeur.


Death of PC101, Charles Goodchild
I regret to report the death of PC101, Charles Goodchild, which occurred on 29 June last from wounds received in action when fighting in France.

This Constable was an Army Reservist who, when the war started, was called upon to rejoin the Army, and his wife had been in receipt of an allowance from Police Funds since that date, until his death…
The widow, Mrs Laura Goodchild, has not yet been informed as to the amount she will be entitled to receive from Military Funds in respect of a pension for herself and an allowance for her infant daughter, therefore I am obliged to postpone until your next meeting my recommendations as to what amount should be awarded her as pension and allowance from the Police Pension Fund…

The late PC 101, Goodchild, had served 3 years 6 months and 29 days in this Force and was 27 years of age.

The Chief Constable stated that since his report had been circulated he had been informed bt the War Office that an allowance of 15/- per week would be made to the widow of PC Goodchild. As the Military pension was in excess of the amount which could have been awarded under the Police Act there was no responsibility on the Committee.
Allowances under the Police (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1915

The mother of PC 36, George E. Eales, states she receives no allowance from the Army, that her husband’s wages are 15/- per week, with £3 extra at Michaelmas and house rent free. I have written to PC Eales to ascertain why he discontinued helping to maintain his mother after he rejoined the Army.

Mrs Easton, mother of PC 214, Harry Easton, states she is getting 12/3 per week, viz 7/-, her son’s contribution, and 5/3 added by Military Authorities. PC 214, Easton, has been a prisoner in Germany since the battle of Mons, and his mother says it costs her on the average 6/- to send him a parcel (including carriage) every week.
PC 214, Hubbard, having applied for permission, was married on the 6th August, therefore the allowance to his mother ceased on that date. I would recommend that his wife be entitled to the same allowance as the other married Police Reservists, viz the difference between the pay he was receiving when called up for Army service and the amount she will now receive from the Army, including the compulsory deductions, which would be about 12/7 per week.

…Two other Constables, viz PCs 80, Pill, and 40, Burt, who left the force on 19th and 30th June, 1915, respectively, to join the Army under the provisions of the Police (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1915, have with my permission since married, but I do not consider they should be treated in the same manner as those men belonging to the Army Reserve who had to rejoin the Army at the commencement of the War, and therefore do not recommend that any allowance should be made to their wives…

Adopted, with the exception of the recommendation as to Mrs Eales.
Resolved, on the motion of Mr Mount, MP, seconded by Lord G. M. Pratt, that, as from the next payment, the allowance to Mrs Eales be 5/- a week.

Standing Joint Committee minutes (C/CL/C2/1/5)

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