Abundant need for the King’s pledge to abstain to be followed in Reading

Broad Street Church in Reading enthusiastically supported the temperance movement, and the King’s lead.


All true Temperance reformers have had cause for rejoicing lately in the efforts to promote sobriety – even teetotalism – which have been witnessed in unexpected quarters. Where appeals for self-denial on one’s own account, or for the sake of the weaker brother, have ignominiously failed, the appeals for self-denial in the interests of national fitness and efficiency in a time of crisis, have been more successful….

The most illustrious disciple of this new school of thought is our beloved King. Recognising the awful havoc wrought amongst our toilers by the drink habit and wishing to lead them in a more excellent way, His Majesty has taken a pledge to abstain from all alcoholic beverages during the period of the war, and he has banished them entirely from all the royal palaces…. Such a worthy example has been followed, as it deserved to be, by many men in exalted positions. Amongst others Lord Kitchener, Sir John French and Sir John Jellicoe have followed the King’s lead. But unfortunately the movement has not been taken up so universally as was at one time hoped.

How far has it been responded to in Reading? It would be difficult to say. But judging from the state of things in some of our principal streets on a Saturday night, there is abundant need for a vigorous crusade.

The latest recruit from the Brotherhood is our Musical Director and Choirmaster, Brother Grigg, he having joined the RAMC Sanitary Department.

Broad Street Congregational Church magazine, October 1915 (D/N11/12/1/14)

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