Are the hens patriotic?

Ascot parishioners were encouraged to make gifts to British PoWs, and to provide nourishing, easy-to-eat eggs for the wounded at home.

It is … proposed to send (through the channel of the Church Army) an “offering from All Saints Church, Ascot,” to the British Prisoners in Germany. We would suggest packets of cocoa and chocolate, biscuits, tinned milk, peppermint, wool and knitting needles, &c. All these offerings can be brought, together with the fruit and flowers, to the Church on Saturday, October 2nd, from 10 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.


Have the hens forgotten? Or have the owners of the hens forgotten? Or is it the case that for a time the hens refuse to lay? But the hospital is full of wounded and sick soldiers – they badly need eggs to help them recover. Will the owners of the hens, and all whom this notice concerns, remind their hens how the hens at Sunninghill are patriotic, and send their quota of eggs in large numbers to the Hospital? Shall Sunninghill do better than Ascot? Will Magazine readers who have poultry, and eggs to spare, and who would like to become members of the Ascot Hospital Egg League, kindly send in their names and addressed to Miss La Trobe Bateman, at the Rectory – who will supply them with all information?

Ascot section of Winkfield District Magazine, October 195 (D/P151/28A/7/10)

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