Morris dancing children entertain wounded soldiers on a rainy day

The Earley branch of the Church of England Men’s Society invited recuperating wounded soldiers for an afternoon out. Unfortunately traditional British summer weather disrupted plans.

Entertainment of wounded soldiers

The entertainment committee of the C.E.M.S. deserves every congratulation on the perseverance with which on the wettest of wet July days they carried out a scheme which they had elaborated with much care and pains for the entertainment of wounded soldiers of the War hospital. The plan was to have tea in the Vicarage garden; this, unfortunately was wholly out of the question and at the last minute it was doubtful whether the authorities would allow the soldiers to come out of the hospital in the pouring rain. Fortunately no difficulty was placed in the way.

Private motor cars had been lent by Mr Christie Millar, Mr L Sutton, and others for their conveyance, and at about 3pm some forty soldiers turned up in the Parish Hall where our men and their lady helpers were making arrangements for tea. Mr Cyphus had arranged the musical part of the programme and the Morris dances performed by the very small children from one of the schools gave perhaps more genuine pleasure to the soldiers than any other form of entertainment that could have been thought of.
Mr E H Moss

Earley parish magazine, September 1915 (D/P192/28A/13)

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