A soldiers’ recreation room in Ascot

A new church-run recreation room opened for soldiers billeted in Ascot.


All Saints’ Parish Room was opened on November 24th, 1914, as a Recreation Room for Soldiers billeted in Ascot. A Committee was formed and it was arranged to provide newspapers, books, games, stationery and refreshments, and to arrange a concert weekly. Donations towards the expense were given by ladies and gentlemen in the neighbourhood who also assisted at the concerts. Mrs. Elliot kindly offered to pay for the lighting, and Mr. Hullcoup arranged for the refreshments. The attendance was fairly good and the Officers and Men of the A.S.C. and the West Kents fully appreciated the efforts made for their comfort.

The Committee beg to thank Mrs. Elliot, also those ladies and gentlemen who gave donations or assisted at the entertainments.

Mrs Elliot, Lighting Hall £3 5 9

Donations received 11 2 6

Proceeds from Concert 12 3 6

£26 11 9

Balance £4 8 0

Hire of Hall 6 0 0

Paper 2 18 5

Coal, Coke and Wood 3 18 5

Stationery 2 9 2½

Refreshments 2 2 10½

Expenses Concert 1 3 0

Budgen 0 17 9

Gratuity 0 10 0

Sundries 2 4 6

£26 11 9

A. LISSMAN, Hon. Treasurer

Ascot section of Winkfield District Magazine, September 1915 (D/P151/28A/7/9)

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