Bullets through the walls

Lieutenant Percy Lewis of Maidenhead describes his harrowing experiences at the Front.

Aug. 15th
Our men are now in the trenches. We arrived here two days ago and will remain for about sixteen days. My quarters are in an old house, or rather what is left of it. It is the only place left standing in the village, which has been practically razed to the ground. There are no windows left whole, the openings where windows used to be are boarded up and sand-bagged. We are quite surrounded by batteries. Shells are going over our heads almost continuously day and night. Headquarters are about two hundred yards away, quite safe to reach in the day, but very dangerous at night. We never put our noses outside the door at night, as the bullets sometimes come through the windows and even the walls. There has been only one casualty in our regiment since we came, but there have been several from the batteries in our vicinity. I have three men waiting to be buried now. I cannot get hold of a parson, so I have found a Prayer Book in an old cupboard here, and I am going to read the Service myself to-night at ten o’clock.

Maidenhead Congregational Church magazine, September 1915 (D/N33/12/1/5)

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