Why should the young do all the fighting and the dying and offer the great sacrifice by themselves?

The people of Winkfield were urged to support the young men who were heading to the Front.



When you receive this Magazine we shall be nearing the completion of a year of War, and this fact cannot fail to solemnize in our minds and make us seriously consider whether we are one and all doing our duty in this supreme crisis of our Nation’s history.

The call to service and sacrifice has been answered by numbers of our young men – a list of whom is printed in this month’s Magazine – but have we who are unable to offer ourselves for active service contributed all we can and ought to the common cause? As the Bishop of London says, why should the young do all the fighting and the dying and offer the great sacrifice by themselves? The sacrifice that is for all should be offered by all, and all are bound to make the resolution “I will pray, I will repent, I will serve, I will save.”

And yet we must sorrowfully confess that the army of intercessors to offer prayer as sacrificial as the self-oblation of the millions of men who have offered themselves for war, has not been forthcoming; unlike France or Russia, out Churches have not been filled with men and women to pray for the men whose peril and blood is their shield, and I must confess to much heart sickness and disappointment that even our intercessory services in the second Sunday evenings and the last Sunday mornings in the month have not been better attended.

What is the explanation? It cannot be that we are indifferent to our country’s need or without love to our brothers at the Front; nor is it that England does not believe in God; there is enough love of our country and enough belief in God to crowd our Churches with earnest suppliants. What then is lacking? Is it not the belief in prayer and especially the belief in united supplication in God’s house? Is not the lack of this the reason why the men and women who ought to be in the praying line have not proved so steadfast as the men in the fighting line, who so greatly need our prayers, and surely have a right to expect them.

I sincerely hope therefore that large numbers will make a real and special effort to attend the special Intercession Services on Wednesday, August 4th and on Sunday, August 8th, of which notice is given in another column. The result of this war will depend very largely on the atmosphere of prayer which has been created, for prayer is the strongest force in the world, and as has been truly said, through prayer we bring our nation and our Allies into contact with Christ, and set the life of the whole Society as well as individuals in the stream of that purpose of redemptive love which can overrule even war for God.

Your sincere Friend and Vicar,


Lieut. Godfrey Loyd and Private Henry Hoptroff have just gone to the Front, and Privates Edwin Gray, Ernest Gray, Edward Holloway and Lance-Corporal Reginald Nickless are under orders to be in readiness to go immediately. We trust that they and their naturally anxious relatives will have a place in our prayers.

Much sympathy is felt for the family of Private John Williams (Royal Field Artillery) who died in hospital after a very long and distressing illness. He was buried with full military honours at Cosham Cemetery on July 1st, and special memorial prayers were said for him on Sunday, July 4th.


On Wednesday, 4th August, the anniversary of the declaration of war, a great service in St. Paul’s Cathedral has been arranged, when the King and all the leaders of the nation will attend to inaugurate the second year of the war be asking God’s help. In Winkfield Church, there will be Celebration of the Holy Communion at 8 a.m., and Litany and Intercession at 11 a.m. Also Evensong and Intercession at S. Mary the Less at 7.30 p.m.

On Sunday, August 8th, both morning and evening, there will be special services with Intercessions and Thanksgivings for the way in which the country has been preserved from many dangers.

The following is list of Winkfield men serving in His Majesty’s Forces at Home and Abroad.

Banstead, Albert, Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regt.
Banstead, George, 5th Royal Berks
Berney, Thomas Reedham (Lieut.), Norfolk Regiment
Blane, Malcolm (Lieut.), 5th Cameron Highlanders
Blunden, Horace (Corporal) 2nd Life Guards
Brant, George, Royal Field Artillery
Carter, Albert, 2nd Royal Berks
Chaney, George, 4th Royal Berks
Chaney, John, 8th Royal Berks
Cox, Leonard, 9th Bedford Regiment
Diaper, Arthur, 8th Royal Berks
Faithful, George, 3rd Royal Berks
Faithful, Ernest, 3rd Royal Berks
Ferard, Cecil (2nd Lieut.), Royal Field Artillery
Ferard, George (2nd Lieut.), 5th King’s Royal Rifles
Fisher, William, 2nd Royal Berks
Franklin, John (Lance-Corporal), 2nd Royal Berks
Franklin, William, Headquarters Staff, 6th Army Corps
Gray, Edwin, 6th Royal Berks
Gray, Ernest, Royal Field Artillery
Greatham, Charles, 1st Royal Berks
Harris, Ernest (Lance-Corporal), 4th Royal Berks
Harris, Herbert, Royal Field Artillery
Hayes-Sadler, Cecil, Royal Engineers
Hayes-Sadler, Ralph (2nd Lieut.), Royal Warwicks
Hipple, George, 4th Royal Berks
Holloway, George, 6th Royal Berks
Holmes, Arthur, 4th Hussars
Holmes, Fred, 3rd Royal Berks
Hoptroff, Henry, 3rd Hussars
Jenden, Cecil, 4th Royal Berks
Kimble, Archibald (Lance-Corporal), 1st King’s Royal Rifles
King, James A.V. (Corporal), Royal Engineers
Knight, Reginald, 4th Grenadier Guards
Loyd, Godfrey, 6th King’s Royal Rifles
Loyd, Vivian (2nd Lieut.), Royal Field Artillery
Loyd, Wilfred (2nd Lieut.), Royal Engineers
Lunn, Charles, 12th Royal Lancers
Maynard, Forster H.M. (Sub-Lieut.), R.N. Air Service
Mitchell, George, H.M.S. Latona
Mitchell, Henry, Royal Field Artillery
Nickless, Reginald (Lance-Corporal), 6th Royal Berks
Nickless, Wallace, 5th Royal Berks
Oatway, William, 11th East Surrey Regiment
Oatway, Charles, Royal Garrison Artillery
Ottaway, Ernest, H.M.S. Emperor of India
Ottaway, Harry, 3rd Dragoon Guards
Parrott, William, 3rd Royal Berks
Reed, Charles (Lance-Corporal), 2nd Royal Berks
Reed, Walter, 3rd Royal Berks
Rixon, William (Col.-Sergeant), 1st Royal Berks
Rixon, Fred (Lance-Corporal), 5th Dragoon Guards
Rixon, Henry, 5th Royal Fusiliers
Rixon, Alfred, Royal Field Artillery
Simmonds, John, H.M.S. Hibernia
Spears, William, 3rd Royal Berks
Still, Edward, Coldstream Guards
Streamer, Albert, 1st Royal Berks
Streamer, George, 3rd Royal Berks
Taylor, William, H.M.S. Tigress
Thurmer, George, Army Veterinary
Thurmer, William, Royal Navy
Thurmer, James (Corporal), Canadian Contingent
Thurmer, Donald, Royal Naval Air Service
Thurmer, Robert, 5th Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regt.
Thurmer, Edward Charles, 3rd Royal Berks
Tipper, Leonard, 10th Middlesex Regiment
Webb, Albert, 5th Hants Regiment
Webb, Lawrence Fred, 4th Royal Berks
Williams, Claud, Royal Field Artillery
Williams, Frank, Royal Field Artillery
Woodage, Walter, 5th Royal Berks

Fallen for their Country.
Cartland, William, 1st Royal Berks
Ottaway, Albert, 3rd Dragoon Guards
Payne, Frank, 2nd Life Guards
Streamer, Charles, 1st Royal Berks
Thurmer, Edward, 2nd Royal Berks
Williams, John, Royal Field Artillery

Winkfield section of Winkfield District Monthly Magazine, August 1915 (D/P151/28A/7/8)

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  1. Jennifer Thurmer

     /  17 March, 2018

    In regard my previous post, a correction of the family name Canon, it should be Cannon. Also, would anyone have information on my great Uncle, James Thurmer, born at 5 Grove Lane, Winkfield Row, Bracknell 4 July 1888, who served in the First World War. He trained in England as a foot solder with the 1st Gordon Highlanders, and then 1st East Lancashire Regiment. He became a Canadian citizen and served in the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force, and was promoted to Sergeant. He was badly wounded at Kemmel Hill, Ypres, and repatriated to England. He survived his wounds and spent time in England between the wars. Then back to Canada. Thank you to anyone who offers advice or help … it is very much appreciated.

  2. Jennifer Thurmer

     /  29 October, 2017

    Thank you for the information about my Thurmer, Streamer, and Simmonds male relatives. Sad to read, but grateful to know. We also lost three Canon brothers who lived in Windlesham. I live in Adelaide, South Australia.


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