The men of Earley serving their country

An extremely long list of men with connections with Earley St Peter were receiving the support of parishioners’ prayers.

List of Names on the Roll of Honour and Prayer List
Duncan Adams, John Adams, Henry Adams, Frederick Allen, John Allen, Frank Allum, George Allum, George Ansell, Robert Ascroft, Frank Aust, William Ayres, Henry Ayres, Cyril Ayres, Reggie Ayres, John Ayres, James Auger, Samuel Auld, Charles Barton, William Barton, Clarence Burnett, Harry Bosley, Benjamin Bosley, Robert Beeson, Walter Bluring, Gordon Brown, Leonard Brown, Walter Brooker, Charles Baker, Ernest Balding, Albert Ballard, George Breach, Phillip Breach, Ernest Breach, Alfred Breach, Percy Bunday, George Bungay, William Bungay, Charles Bolton, Herbert Blyde, Lewis Blyde, Wilfrid Blyde, Arthur Buskin, Herbert Broadbear, Louis Bunce, Frank Berry, James Bowden, Henry Blathwayt, Harold Bennett, Harry Borroughs, Henry Barney, William Brett, Alfred Broad, Harry Ching, Charles Chesterman, George Chesterman, Ernest Chapman, Edwin Coldman, Edward Cottrell, Percy Cotterell, Hubert Collier, Alfred Cooper, George Comport, Guy Comport, Frank Cook, Ernest Cook, Eric Cook, Fernand Camus, John Cane, Charles Carpenter, Charles Clarke, William Clements, Charles Carpenter, Charles Clarke, William Clements, Charles Capel, Leonard Dann, Frederick Douglas, Reuben Dowsett, Renton Dunlop, Tom Durman, Jack Durman, Hugh Deeds, Ralph Deeds, Sidney Davis, Ralph Durand, Albert Denham, Frederick Dawson, Alfred Dee, Hugh Denton, Sidney Dormer, William Elliott, Charles Elliott, Reginald Elliott, Eric Evans, Alec Evans, Ernest Embery, Cyril Eaton, Eustace Finnes, George Forge, John Forge, Henry Fisher, George Fisher, William Fisher, John Fisher, George Fulford, Bernard Fixsen, Theodore Fixsen, William Farmer, Bert Farmer, Arthur Fulker, Cecil Fowler, William Fowles, Charles Goddard, Guy Goodliffe, Ernest Gowers, George Grey, Cecil Grey, Victor Gaines, Reginald Gatehouse, Herbert Garlick, Charles Phillips Groome, Samual Gould, Wilfrid George, Frank George, Gilbert Green, Frederick Goodger, Richard Goodall, Leslie Grinstead, Albert Howlett, Frederick Hearn, Arthur Hearn, Bert Hearn, Harry Harding, George Harding, Albert Harwood, William Harwood, George Harwood, Charles Haines, George Hitchcock, Albert Hitchcock, Henry Hayward, Percy Hamilton, Frank Hawkins, Albert Hosler, William Hall, Albert Hall, Henry Hall, George Hall, William Hall, Francis Harris, Arthur Harris, Richard Hayden, Fred Hull, Charles Hague, James Hague, Stanley Higgs, Leslie Heelas, Leonard Hedges, Harry Hambleton, Reginald Hawes, William Hope, Jack Howlett, Percy Howlett, Bertie Iles, Edward Iles, Percy Ilott, Thomas Ilott, Albert Ilott, Melville Innes, Walter Jeskins, Albert Jerome, Alfred Jerome, Walter Jerome, Frederick Jerome, George Jerome, Charles Jefferies, Henry Jones, Leopold Jenner, William Jeram, George Jeram, Henry Jeram, Woolf Joel, Alfred Jacobs,

Charles Kindersley, Ben Kindersley, Geoffrey Kindersley, Humphry Knight, Geoffrey Knight, William Longshaw, Alfred Leaver, Rex Lewin, Arthur Lailey, George Langfield, Francis Lockwood, Herbert Loader, Frank Loader, David Luker, William May, Dick May, Henry May, William May, Jack May, Cyril May, Walter May, William Moorcock, William Marshall, Joseph Marshall, Andrew McFadyen, William Mengham, William Marcham, Arthur Marcham, Alan Mount, Wilfrid Mount, George Maskell, Norman Martin, John Martin, Maurice Martin, Harry Merry, James Mercer, Henry Mayl, Percy Mayl, Reginald Mayl, Francis Mayl, Frederick Mears, Thomas Mears, Herbert Mileam, Arthur Mylam, Harry Morley, Thomas Miller, Arthur Monger, George Norris, Eric Newley, Ambrose Newell, Wilfred Neale, Frederick Noyes, Frederick Nightingale, William Nash, Ernest Nash, Herbert Nash, Christopher Nash, Ernest Nash, Thomas Newman, George Oates, Cornelius O’Leary, Horatio Pawley, William Pocock, Harold Pocock, Frederick Prior, William Prior, Charles Prior, Bertie Powell, Joseph Powell, Algernon Powell, John Pitts, John Parker, Richard Pratt, Jack Phillips, William Parsons, George Parsons, William Purdue, Charles Rushbrooke, Herbert Roberts, John Rosser, George Rogers, William Russell, Reginald Russell, Walter Read, Leonard Reeves, Ernest Ralph, Robert Shaw, Edward Shaw, Frank Snellgrove, William Swatton, Victor Smith, Augustus Smith, George Smith, Douglas Smit, Victor Simson, Algernon Silver, Walter Silver, Ernest Spratley, Albert Sparkes, Albert Slaughter, John Saunders, Sidney Saunders, Albert Saunders, Richard Southern, Harry Stevens, Edward Spokes, Charles Seely, Stanley Stanford, Cecil Hayes Sadler, Ralph Hayes Sadler, George Seymour, Horace Seymour, Alfred Seymour, John Strange, Frank Spicer, Edward Shorter, Hubert Shorter, Reginald Sloper, Ernest Sumner, Frank Taylor, Robert Taylor, Percy Taylor, Ernest Threadgill, Ernest Tillin, Harry Tillin, George Townsend, John Turvey, Nelson Tollervey, Alfred Tollervey, Robert Tothill, Edward Watts, Norman Watts, Reginald Watts, Reginald Waite, Sidney Weight, Reginald Waite, Leonard Waller, Henry Wicks, Arthur Winch, William Wynn, George Webb, Enoch Webb, Edward Winchcombe, Frederick Winchcombe, James Winchcombe, George Windsor, William Wellbelove, George Wright, Reginald White, James Whithers, Arthur Worsfold.

Henry Randall.

Frederick Dann, George Durman, Charles Farmer, Hugh Fixsen, Christopher Fixsen, Richard Kindersley, Benjamin Walker, Priest, and all the Missionaries interned in German East Africa.

Killed in Action or Died of Wounds or Sickness.
Alfred Adams, Stephen Bright, Frank Durand, Haviland Durand, Percy Hamilton, Raymond Hearn, James Gardiner, Frederick George Jones, Elliot King, Allan Luff, Thomas Powell, Ernest Nicks, Thomas Palmer, Arthur Robb, Frank Rushby, Edward Smithers, Albert Silver.

In this issue we are printing the whole list of names on our Prayer List so that readers can have them handy for use. It will be a great kindness if any omissions, changes, discharges, casualties, &c., are notified to us at once, so that we may keep our list quite correct and up-to-date.

List of Men Serving in His Majesty’s Forces.

The following additional names have been added to our prayer list:-

Frank Bunce, Louis Bunce, Harold Pocock, Hilton Parker, Charles Hague, Wilfred Neale, Christopher Nash, Percy Ilott, Francis Mayl, Dick May, Humphrey Knight, Ben Kindersley, William Hope, Francis Harris, Fred Hull, Bert Hearn, Harry Hall, John Ayres, James Hague, Stanley Higgs, Bert Farmer, Robert Tothill, Henry May, William May, Geoffrey Knight, Geoffrey Kindersley, Algernon Powell, Jack Howlett, Percy Howlett, Alfred Seymour.

In addition to those already mentioned we especially commend the following to your prayers:- Reginald Elliott King (died of enteric).

Earley St Peter parish magazine, August 1915 (D/P191/28A/22)

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