Wargrave’s roll of honour

Wargrave was one of many parishes to publish a list of men serving in the parish magazine. This allowed parishioners at home to pray for them all by name.

‘The Roll of Honor for the Parish of Wargrave

The Royal Navy
Bywater, Darol. Lieut. R.N.D
Grey, Thomas Robinson. Sub-Lieut., R.N.A.A.V.C.
Blackburn, Ernest. H.M.S. Glory
Bucker, J. H.M.S. Laurel
Carr, Joseph, Fireman. Transport
Clarke, William. H.M.S. Laconia
Coleman, Charles William. H.M.S. Glasgow
Doughty, Albert. H.M.S. Irresistible
Doughty, Arthur. H.M.S. Tartar
Doughty, Herbert. H.M.S. Queen Mary
Doughty, Horace. H.M.S. Donegal
Doughty, John. H.M.S. Hindustan
George, Walter. H.M.S. Agamemnon
Haskett, Bernard. H.M.S. Jason
Haycock, Charles William. H.M.S. Ajax
Hollis, Alfred John. H.M.S. Implacable
Jemmett, Leonard Oakley. H.M.S. Galatea
Mayne, Frederick. H.M.S. Britannia
Parritt, Edward. H.M.S. Defiance
Pauline, Leonard. H.M.S. Hebe
Payne, William. H.M.S. Britannia
Pugh, Charles. H.M.S. Hibernia
Sandleford, James. H.M.S. Mars
Waldron, Jesse. H.M.S. George V.
Waldron, William. H.M.S. Dido

George, William. Royal Marines, H.M.S. Agamemnon
Pugh, Herbert. Royal Marines, H.M.S. Prince George

F Adby, Lewis. Army Services Corps
Adby, Charles. Army Services Corps
F Amos, George. Royal Irish Fusiliers
F Arnold, William. Ox. And Bucks Light Infy.
Arnold, Albert. 4th Royal Berks Reserve
Buckeley, Henry Charles, Major, D.S.O. West Yorks Regt.
F Bird, Arthur, Capt. Royal Berks Regt.
F Boyd, John, Capt. Coldstream Guards
Bennett, Douglas, W. Lieut. Kings Own Royal Lancaster
Bacon, James. Ox. And Bucks Light Infy.
F Bailey, Thomas. Royal Berks Regt.
F Baker Bernard. Army Services Corps.
Baker, Edward. Wiltshire Regt.
F Bennett, Frank. Berks Yeomanry.
F Bennett, Frederick. Berks Yeomanry
Bennett, Harry. Royal Berks Regt.
Bedborough, Arthur John. Berks Natl Reserve
F Bedborough, Albert. Royal Berks Regt.
F Berken, F. W. Royal Engineers
Bidmead, John. Royal Berks Regt
Blunt, Frederick. Royal Engineers
Bond, Frank. City of London Fusiliers
Bradley, Arthur. Kings Royal Rifles
Brasher, Ernest. Royal Engineers
Brooker, Albert. Xth Regt. Cavalry
F Bradford, William. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
F Brown, Christopher. Berks Yeomanry
Brown, Thomas. Army Services Corps
Bryant, Charles Edwin. Army Services Corp
F Copeland, Robert, Colonel. Army Medical Service
Chancellor, Richard Albert Beresford. 1st Lieut. VIII Royal Berks Regt
Champion, William George
Chiltern, William Albert. Royal Berks Regt
F Collins, John. Royal Berks Regt
F Courtney, Stanley Reginald. 1st Queen’s Own Dorsetshire Yeomanry
F Crampton, Charles
Cripps, William. Royal Berks Regt
Critcher, Charles. King’s Royal Rifles
F Crockford, Frederick. Coldstream Guards
Cunnington, Frederick Joseph. Royal Engineers
Deakin, F. H., Major
F Davey, C., Driver. Head Qr Staff
Deane, Albert
Denton, George. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Denton, Hubert. Royal Berks Regt
Doe, Robert. Bedfordshire Regt
Doe, William. Staffordshire Regt
Doe, Edward. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Dibden, Arthur
Eastwood, Edgar Clifton. VIIIth Ardwich Manchester
Evans, George Thomas. R. Berks Regt
F Evans, Henry George. Royal Garrison Artillery
Foster, Claude Seymour, Capt. 37th Lancers, Indian Army
Foster, Gordon, 2nd Lieut. R.F.A
Field, Ernest. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Fleming, William
Frame, John
Frampton, Frank. R.A.M.C.
F Fulbrook, Frederick. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
F Griffin, Robert, Capt. late Royal Sussex Regt
F Griffin, John M’Clean. Lieut. R.F.A.
Geary, George. Royal Marines
George, Albert Walter
Gleed, Arthur John. Royal Marines
Gleed, Frederick W. Royal Berks Regt
Goodall, William.
Gomm, Fred. Royal Engineers
Goring, Thomas. Royal Bucks Hussars
F Gregory, George. Army Services Corps
Grove, Walter Ashton. XVIIIth Royal Fusiliers
F Hermon, John Victor, Capt. Carbineers
Headington, F. Kenneth, Lieut. 1st City of London R.F.A
F Henry, Cyril, 1st Lieut. Worcester Regt
F Henry, Clarence, 1st Lieut. Leicester
Hannen, Derek, 2nd Lieut. R.E.
Hall, William. R.F.A.
Harris, Edward. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Harris, Mark. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Harris, Sidney. Royal Berks Regt
Harris, Walter. Royal Berks Regt
F Haycock, Arthur. Royal Berks Regt
F Heakes, Frank. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
F Hilton, Charles. IInd Life Guards
F Hilton, John. Rifle Brigade
F Hodge, Albert, Ernest and John. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Hodge, Charles. Army Services Corps
Holmes, William. Royal Berks Regt
Hunt, Arthur. Royal Berks Regt
Hussey, Orlando.
F Ilsley, Percy. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Ing, John. IVth Dragoons
Jennings, Charles. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Jennings, Leonard. Army Services Corps
F Jonas, George Frederick. Royal Berks Regt
Jones, Percy Howard. Capt.
F Kimble, Joseph. R.F.A
Lempriere, Guy Percy, Lieut. West Kent Yeomany
Lindemere, Victor. Inns of Court O.T.C
F Langman, Basil. Royal Berks Regt
F Larkin, George, John and William. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Lawrence, Robert. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Lawrence, George Frederick. R. Garrison Artillery
Light, James. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Loughton, Joseph. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
F Lovejoy, Edward Albert. XII Middlesex Regt
Luker, Henry Edgar. IInd Northumberland Fusiliers (Wounded)

To be continued in the next issue.

Great pains have been taken in drawing up the above List, but there are no doubt some mistakes and the Vicar will be grateful for corrections in order that the roll may be perfected before it is posted in Church.

Those on the Sea and across the Sea are regarded as being at the Front, and are distinguished by the letter F, which will be added whenever their relations give the information.

Arrangements can be made in the case of those still in the home country, for always reading particular names at a particular service if required.

Crazies Hill Notes
Our Roll of Honour, of which we are so justly proud, is continually being augmented; The aggregate number of those connected with the Crazies Hill and Warren Row districts serving their King and Country, either abroad or at home, is said to be over 80 – a most pleasing list when measured by the population of these hamlets.

Wargrave parish magazine, June 1915 (D/P145/28A/31)

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