The difference between existence and living: comforts for wounded soldiers

Reading people were keen to support the wounded soldiers who had been sent to the town to be nursed. Broad Street Congregational Church was at the forefront of the effort.


In connection with the War Hospitals recently established in Reading a Care and Comforts Committee has been formed with Mrs Benyon as President.

The object of this committee is to add to the comfort and welfare of the wounded soldiers in Reading War Hospitals.

The War Office authorities supply them with the necessaries of life, but this committee will endeavour to provide the little “extras” which make all the difference between existence and living.

Amongst other things it is proposed to supply the following:-
1. Tobacco and cigarettes
2. Fruit and flowers
3. Cakes, etc
4. Games and cards
5. Entertainments
6. Special garments required in hospitals
7. Books, newspapers, magazines, etc
8. Stationery
9. Motor drives
10. Hospitality for relatives desiring to visit wounded soldiers, etc, etc

As we are expecting to have something like 2000 soldiers in these hospitals before long there will be abundant need for all the help that can be given in the directions indicated. We feel sure that many from Broad Street will desire to “lend a hand” and we can assure them that their help will be greatly valued.

Friends willing to help are asked to communicate with the Hon. Secretary Mr S H Hodkin, 11 Tilehurst Road, indicating whether they can give
(1) A contribution of money or (2) a contribution monthly or (3) a contribution in kind (specify what article) or (4) personal service.

A Depot – to which all gifts should be sent – has been opened at 62 Minster Street, hours 9 to 5.

It may be of interest to know that members of the Ladies’ Sewing Meeting are likely to give their attention to this excellent work before long. At present they are busy preparing for a Garden Sale which they hope to hold sometime towards the end of June, or early in July. The proceeds from this sale are to be divided between the Sunday School and the Soldiers’ Entertainment Funds. When this undertaking has been successfully completed there is a desire to share in the effort to provide comforts for the wounded soldiers.

Broad Street Church magazine, May 1915 (D/N11/12/1/14)

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