Happy in spite of all the anxieties of the moment

In the Newtown area of Reading, the Revd T. Guy Rogers was pleased with his parish’s support for the war hospitals.

My dear friends,

We had a very happy Easter in spite of all the anxieties of the moment. Our congregations were inspiring, and the presence of the Signalling Corps at the 11 a.m. service at St John’s was much appreciated. The number of Communicants in the parish (830) was, though, smaller than in recent years, rather larger than we expected on account of the number of young men now in training or at the front.

I am glad to say that as a parish, we have been able to take up an important piece of work for the Care and Comforts Committee in connection with the Reading Military Hospitals. A large parochial working party, under the charge of Miss Homan and Mrs Morley, has commenced work in the Big Hall of the Institute on Wednesday afternoons. The work will be carried out in close touch with the Care and Comforts Committee, so that such garments as are really needed and only such, will be made. I trust that the General Fund of the Committee may be so adequately supported that it may be enabled to give us a considerable grant in aid towards purchase of materials. At the same time, we shall require a good deal of money for local expenses and for the equipment of the working party, and I shall be most grateful if subscriptions may be sent to me for this purpose….

Your sincere Friend and Vicar
T Guy Rogers

Reading St John parish magazine, May 1915 (D/P172/28A/)

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