“This frightful drain of carnage”

Cambridge don John Maxwell Image (a friend of the Spencers) fulminated against failings in the Navy, and in particular criticised Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty. Admiral John Fisher had just resigned as First Sea Lord in protest at Winston Churchill’s mismanagement of the Dardanelles campaign.

Tunbridge Wells
Wednesday 19 May 15

Whose empirical rashness cost us the 3 Cruisers, the Formidable, the Monmouth and Good Hope?

God bless Jacky Fisher, if he rids us of this intolerant, and intolerable, meddler.

But our friend the Censor will refuse to let you read these sentiments of the average, well-educated Englishman. Will he permit me to add that I should welcome Arthur Balfour as First Lord? – or in any other capacity, to strengthen a Government “odious” (Crewe’s pet word) to one half the electors.

“England must wake up” (so His Majesty once told me he originally expressed the famous phrase) – but she is bovine still – and this frightful drain of carnage means the drain of her best. The Spring is perished out of the year, and our next generation will be bred from inferior stock.

God bless you both.

Your very affect.

Letter from John Maxwell Image, Cambridge don (D/EX801/1)

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