Farewell to the Royal Engineers, champions of manliness

Wargrave gave a warm welcome to the troops billeted in the parish, and were sorry to see them moving on. The affection was returned, with the Royal Engineers donating a cup for “manliness” and other good qualities for a boy at the Piggott Schools.

The Royal Engineers
All Parishioners of Wargrave were sorry to say goodbye to the Officers and Men of the 83rd and 84th Companies of the Royal Engineers when they marched away on Monday, February 22nd, to the strains of their new band.

They did a great deal, during the two weeks of their visit, to establish a very close relationship between us. First there was the concert which they arranged for the benefit of the District Nurse Association and which resulted in the contributions of six guineas. Then there was the Treat for the children; an amusing entertainment played to a liberal accompaniment of buns and sweets, with a toy for every child at the end. Lastly, there was a Sacred Concert on their last Sunday with a collection for the Organ Fund amounting to £2. 11s. 6d. But the most touching act of kindness was the gift of a Silver Challenge Cup to the School explained by the following record:-

83rd and 84th. Companies

This cup is presented to the Wargrave Piggott Schools, to be held in trust by the Managers of the aforesaid Schools.

It is a mark of appreciation, from the Officers and Men of the 83rd and 84th Companies of the Royal Engineers, for the hearty way they were received during their training for active service in the Great War in 1915.

It shall be held yearly, for one year only, by the best boy in the Schools.

The method of awarding the cup shall be in regard to:

Half Marks to be given by the Headmaster, and half Marks by vote of the boys themselves.

Signed on behalf of the Donors:
E. R. Kenyon,
C. R. E., 20th Division
February 13, 1915.
God save the King.

After all these acts of kindness it is pleasant to think that the concert arranged for the benefit of their new band was a thorough success in every way, and that they were enabled to get their instruments in time for Wargrave to hear them. We trust that they may be played in triumph after glorious victories.

We are now happy to welcome the 89th Company and hope that their stay in Wargrave may be a pleasant one.

Wargrave parish magazine, March 1915 (D/P145/28A/31)

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