Beautifully made shirts for soldiers

More young men from Earley had joined up, while the women left behind were supporting them as best they could by making them clothes.

Since last month we have received a supplementary list of soldiers and sailors, some of whom by this time are at the front:

Royal Navy

David Clark HMS Emperor of India
Harry Hunt (Telegraphist) HMS Sutley

Army on active service

William Henry Bishop Grenadier Guards
Charles Lucas RAMC
Arthur Stokes Northumberland Fusiliers
David Gerald Kennard Royal Berks Yeomanry
Herbert Edward Long Sherwood Rangers

On home service

H Allaway
Alfred Bishop (India) Royal Hampshire Regiment
Ronald Eric Brown Royal Berks Yeomanry
Noel Chapman Duke of York’s Light Infantry
Thomas Henry Hill R H Artillery
George William Giseltine Royal Berks Regt.
Arthur Henry Long Royal Berks Yeomanry
Albert Edward Lovegrove Army Ordnance Corps
Anthony Lax Maynard Hussars
Leonard Mitchell R Gloucester Regt.
William Stokes R Dorset Regiment
Reginald Wright R G A
Henry James Judges Royal Berks Regt.
Septimus James Hawkes Public School Corps
Arthur Fulcher Royal Berks Regt.
William Povey Pring

Working Party for the War

Several ladies are meeting on Thursdays to make shirts for the soldiers.

Mr.Salmon of London Street most kindly undertook to cut them out.

They are made of grey soft flannel and will be beautifully made. We are hoping to be able to send them to soldiers from our own parish who are at the front.

Mrs. Norris wonders if it would be possible to go on working for the Belgians when the shirts are finished. The difficulty is, finding the money for the materials. If any one had odd lengths of material by them, it might be possible to make children’s clothes from these, or even out of garments not quite new that could be made up into smaller garments. Could anyone offer suggestions about this? The Vicar has received an urgent appeal for assistance for the Belgians, in money, food or clothes. It would be nice if we could do something in this way.

About £8.00 was collected for our soldiers’ shirts: Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Porter most kindly undertook to ask for subscriptions.

Earley parish magazine, November 1914 (D/P192/28A/13)

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