‘If the Germans have a cut at this coast, we may see service here’

Florence Spencer had an unusual but most useful gift for her army brother to take to the Front when he was eventually deployed there – a portable camping stove. He writes to thank her and keep her updated with his situation.

Belmont Hill
St Albans
Oct. 26.14

Dear Florrie

Thanks so much for the stove. My Quartermaster and I hope to take it in our mobilization stationery box, and tomorrow I am depositing it with my kit at our headquarters here.

Tomorrow, in all probability we shall all be leaving here for another station in this country for certain work.

In about a month or so we expect to return here, prior to going to France. Or, of course, if the Germans do have a cut at this coast, we may see some service here. Anyway, I think we have had sufficient time to prepare, supposing our fleet can’t stop them.

I shan’t know until tomorrow or Wednesday if there is any secrecy about our destination, but if not, I will write as often as I can.

I’m sorry to hear of the attack on Miss Holland, but we all anticipated it – I’m afraid she’ll be forced into war, if she does not promptly take sides.

Yours ever

Letter from Percy Spencer to his sister Florence (D/EZ177/7/3/17)

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