“Your lovely things were a joy to receive”

Two working parties of women in Cranbourne were hard at work making clothing and bandages for wounded soldiers, and for impoverished soldiers’ families.

Lady Keppel’s work party has been very busy since the 19th August, and in a month’s time she has been able to send 808 garments to the Queen. It may be interesting in the future to have a record of these garments. The following is a list up to September 20th.-

222 pairs of socks,

84 pneumonia jackets,

79 bed jackets,

233 nightshirts,

9 pyjama suits,

48 handkerchiefs,

28 surgical case suits,

48 helpless case shirts,

29 children’s garments,

6 vests,

12 nightingales,

6 day shirts,

2 scarves,

1 pair mittens,

1 dressing gown,

12 roller bandages.

Lady Dawson, who is managing Her Majesty’s collections, has written saying: “Your lovely things are a joy to receive.” Many generous donations were received, but the money is nearly exhausted, and as at the present moment dressing gowns – expensive items – are more wanted than anything else, Lady Keppel would be grateful for further donations.

Another working party meets in the Sunday School every Thursday afternoon at 2.30. We understand that the work that is done is sent to the Queen’s Needlework Guild, and the Queen sends the garments to the Sailors and Soldiers, and to their wives and children. We are very grateful to those who have given up their time to this work. One large parcel has already been sent to London and another is now ready to be forwarded.

* * *


will be held in


On Tuesday, Oct 6th.

The proceeds will be give to


Cranbourne parish magazine, October 1914 (D/P151/28A/10)

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