Trouble and anxiety

The vicar of Christ Church in Reading had some words of advice for parishioners:

The English nation has been drawn into the trouble and anxiety of a great war. What can we as individuals do to help? I cannot use better words than those of our Bishop which have been read to you in church:

“What is asked of us is that we should give no needless trouble: that we should be frugal and waste no bit of good food: that we should not help to raise prices by laying in stores: that we should be ready with great generosity to look after those upon whom the war may bring suffering or want: that we should be anxious to help in any way in which the authorities make a claim upon us willingly and gladly.”

Let me add a few words on some other points:

1. Prayer. The church will be open for private prayer daily from 8-6. Entrance is by the south chancel door through the vestry gate. Forms of suggested prayer will be found on the press near the door, which will, I trust, be helpful. I greatly hope that those who have leisure will make it a rule just now to come for ten minutes at any convenient time and pray for themselves and for others. The Public Intercessions will be used after the third collect at eveningsong in the 1st and 3rd Sundays and at mattins on the 2nd Sunday.

2. Relief. I shall be glad to know of any needing help but care must be taken to avoid over-lapping and ordinary cases should be reported to the Central Relief Committee at the Town Hall.

Christ Church parish magazine, September 1914 (D/P170/28A/23)

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